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43. Choose a movie to represent each member of the Court and give your reasons.

Ix Chel

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43. Choose a movie to represent each member of the Court and give your reasons.


For me personally this is the most important and difficult question. Because now we have a person by every Court Card. All the movie characters represent in my opinion the characteristic from the Court card. It was not easy to find a matching movie to all the Court cards. Parts of these texts are from Wikipedia.



• Page of Wands. Pippi Longstocking. Pippi is red-haired, freckled, unconventional and superhumanly strong – able to lift her horse one-handed. She is playful and unpredictable. She often makes fun of unreasonable adults, especially if they are pompous and condescending.

• Knight of Wands. Character Holly Golightly from the film Breakfast at Tiffany's, she is an attractive woman in New York. She has financial support from several wealthy men. The only company in her apartment is a cat. Holly is very impulsive, thinks of the short term and likes to party.

• Queen of Wands. Calendar Girls character Chris Harper, the driving force behind the idea of stripping off for the local Women's Institute calendar. A woman with a lot of fire and energy.

• King of Wands. Around the World in Eighty Days. The character Fogg makes a wager with members of London's Reform Club that he can circumnavigate the world in 80 days or less. A King of Wands likes adventure.



• Page of Cups. Ludwig with the actress Romy Schneider. The character Ludwig II was King of Bavaria from 1864 until his death in 1886. He was a very big dreamer and has built the most beautiful castles and loved music.

• Knight of Cups. Titanic. Character Jack Dawson. He is passenger on the RMS Titanic. He is attracted to Rose and they fall in love, and he is so romantic. It is just too good to be true. Jack Dawson is a real Knight of Cups.

• Queen of Cups. Twilight. Character Alice Cullen a vampire who can see the future based on decisions that people make. She is also a very good friend of Bella who is a human.

• King of Cups. Becoming Jane. Character Jane Austen was an English novelist. She is a master in writing.



• Page of Swords. Miss Marple she is an elderly spinster who lives in the village of St. Mary Mead and acts as an amateur consulting detective. When she has solved the case, then the police take it over to reach justice.

• Knight of Swords. Erin Brockovich. The character Erin Brockovich comes to work at the law firm Ed Masry's office. She urges this lawyer to file a lawsuit against a company in California that discharges toxins into drinking water. This made a group of people so ill that some of them died. Brockovich and Masry eventually win this case. She fights for justice.

• Queen of Swords. The Devil wears Prada. Character Miranda Priestly. She is a boss from hell. She is demanding, has always critic and as an employee of her, you can do nothing right. Power is very important for Miranda.

• King of Swords. The Theory of Everything. Character Stephen Hawking. He is an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author and Director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology within the University of Cambridge.



• Page of Pentacles. Legally Blonde. Character Elle Woods. The girl who loves fashion is going to study Law at Harvard to impress her ex boyfriend. It is not easy for her, and to achieve this study she is changing in a real Page of Pentacles, the role model student.

• Knight of Pentacles. The Devil wears Prada. Character Andrea "Andy" Sachs. Andy is an aspiring journalist. Despite her ridicule for the shallowness of the fashion industry, she lands a job as junior personal assistant to Miranda Priestly, the editor-in-chief of Runway magazine. Andy plans to put up with Miranda's excessive demands and humiliating treatment for one year in the hopes of getting a job as a reporter or writer somewhere else. In the movie Andy is only working and doing her best to please her boss requirements.

• Queen of Pentacles. Harry Potter. Character Molly Weasley (the mother of Ron). She is a role model for every mother. She is very caring. And for her is Harry Potter a part of her family.

• King of Pentacles. The Muppet Christmas Carol. Character Ebenezer Scrooge. At the beginning Scrooge is a cold-hearted miser who despises Christmas. He only thinks about money and work. After Scrooge is visited by three ghosts, he becomes a better person and shares his wealth.

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I do not see myself even trying to answer this one.  A character from a movie perhaps, but a whole movie representing a court member ... nope not even trying to go there LOL.

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I do not see myself even trying to answer this one.  A character from a movie perhaps, but a whole movie representing a court member ... nope not even trying to go there LOL.

I have choosen for a movie character. For the most movies it is the main role. So please be free to use a character.


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Page of Wands: The Avengers

Page of Cups: Submarine

Page of Swords: The Hunger Games

Page of Pentacles: The Perks Of Being A Wallflower


Knight of Wands: Fight Club

Knight of Cups: Her

Knight of Swords: Inception

Knight of Pentacles: Iron Man


Queen of Wands: Million Dollar Baby

Queen of Cups: Amélie

Queen of Swords: Erin Brockovich

Queen of Pentacles: Arrival


King of Wands: The Godfather

King of Cups: 12 Angry Men

King of Swords: The Shawshank Redemption

King of Pentacles: Schindler's List


Reasons:  Because it's my opinion and so here it is.  :P

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page of wands : School of rock (Page is excellent musician and this movie inspires him to be even better)

knight of wands : porn movies (no need to explain this choice >:D )

queen of wands : Child 44. Queen is totally into Tom Hardy (she cannot show it when her king is with her ;D ) She likes the tension between him and Noomi Rapace..in this movie is everything what she likes - love, hatred, action, thrill...

king of wands : The Fugitive (Harrison Ford is amazing in this role.The king loves to imagine how he would react if he would be in Harrison´s shoes0


page of cups : Wuthering heighs with Tom Hardy <3 She wants to learn how to prevent failure in love and do not ***** love of his life

knight of cups : City of Angels (she likes to watch this movie, because it is very good example how to take care and deal with our beloved ones. And to enjoy everything with them)

queen of cups : Doctor Zhivago - newer version (always follow your heart and enjoy every minute even you know that it will not last very long and conseuences will be fatal)

king of cups : The Shawshank Redemption (do not give up,even if situation is miserable)


page of pentacles :likes to watch tv shows about animals which are in animal orphanage and he likes to dream that he adopts all of them

knight of pentacles : The lord of the rings (he likes to imagine he is exactly the same as Aragorn and he hopes he would be so brave as Aragorn is)

queen of pentacles and king of pentacles : they love David Attenborough´s documentaries about nature. They usually watch them on Friday evening and sipping tea



page of swords : Hercule Poirot serie (he would like to be a detective and he wants to follow the best one - Poirot)

knight of swords : quizzes (he always wants to proof that he is the smartest one)

queen of swords : Millenium trilogy with Noomi Rapace (she sees in this character the younger version of herself)

king of swords : news at 7 oclock (he needs to know everything what is going on)


O. <3 <3 <3

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