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Best Printer for Tarot/Oracle Deck!:)

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if you plan printing just 1 deck for personal use or selfpublishing it for everyone to order Print on Demand(PoD) is your best option!:)


& printing with US based POD like drivethrucards & gamecrafter is best card stock price & print quality & shipping cost & time!:) they also let you set up your shop page & publish/sell your deck directly from their pages!:)


so here is a topic to post a list of all good printers for Tarot & Oracle decks!:)

I'll start with these in hope you'll find it useful & add more in the future!:)

also be sure to check my: Complete Guide for Artist How to Create Print & Publish Your Tarot or Oracle deck: http://creativenlight.blogspot.com/2020/03/complete-guide-for-artist-how-to-create.html


Good printers confirmed/review list;)


POD(Print on Demand) List;

US based;

https://www.thegamecrafter.com/ aka TGC so far only POD who offer best price for best quality linen 320gsm black core card stock with UV finish custom made box and option for shop page! they added UPS shipping option recently making it best shipping rates for Worldwide orders!:) also they have short production time so expect your order to ship within 2days!:) they replace defective decks at no cost to the artist. their drift can be a bit much, make sure you have lots of bleed in your images and that your important parts are inside the safe zone.

also they print books now!:D & have big selection of game parts including all sorts of box, bags & blank cards & sleeves, these are great for DIY projects!:)

eta sept 2019;  thegamecrafter upgraded to higher quality 12pt 320gsm black core card stock without increasing prices starting for all orders after #208000/september 2019!:D

Now they officially offer best cardstock quality & price & books & shipping worldwide!;D


eta; also Happy I finally find Bridge size tins that may fit 80/90 Bridge/poker size cards!:D will post my review when i got these!;)




http://www.drivethrucards.com/ aka DTC aka OneBookShelf - recommend their Embossed (aka linen) card stock with beautiful colors and silk UV finish! it say Printed in US and still have best shipping rates and costumer support ever! +best stock & box price!:) + discount price for orders over 5000 cards(63deckx80cards!:) + best shipping for US(5$ with tracking!:) worth considering especially for test printing as they ship worldwide by USPS Priority mail, fixed shipping rates for your home address (my is not US/EU) it's flat 5$ shipping cost regardless of the size of order!XD  + option for larger prints and poster+ books! and shop page!:)) + best statistic sale/earnings overview & payment options for seller!:) definitely my fav! full review here;http://creativenlight.blogspot.ba/2017/01/drivethrucardsonebookshelf-review

downside; complicated print file preparation! & shipping for (not publisher!) address outside US is still expensive (15$!x,x)






http://store.vervante.com/c/affil/index.html seems to offer best deal for 100decks(not sure about price but they let you sell on amazon & other big bookstore?:)

"offer cards printed on demand, printing in short runs and offset printed on 12 pt C2S stock equivalent to 260 gsm.  Any size with square corners or round.


Short run cards, 100+ decks, are printed on 350 gsm stock and can also be printed any size with square corners or round, with matte or gloss UV.


Can add foil stamp, spot UV, and a variety of other specialty touches for cards that are offset printed  These are usually for 500+ decks.


Offer custom printed tuck boxes for most of decks.  You are also welcome to send us packaging for decks such as tin boxes, drawstring bags, etc.  We can add printed booklets or instruction cards that can be accordion folded depending on the number of panels.  For decks that are packaged in a drawstring bag, we can add printed bag tags or tie charms to the ribbons, etc. "



China based;

http://www.makeplayingcards.com/promotional/personalized-tarot-cards.html aka MPC This company is getting great reviews. Everyone who has dealt with them is very pleased at the quality and service & easy upload interface.  Also MPC is only POD offering gilded edge or holo foil card print option as well as different box options including Tarot size tins!:) so if you plan printing 50+ decks it's worth checking as they also offer affordable fulfillment service if you need to ship your decks worldwide to your costumers/backers for around 10-12$ per deck!:) Shipping may be an issue as it's not always traceable but as long as you are paying with paypal you are ok!:)

ETA; my 1st printed deck & mpc tin arrived & I like Big card size & good quality & shipping my only remarks is colors on 300gsm card stock are bit light so better use linen/other option?;) you can read my full review here!:)


http://www.printerstudio.com/ - aka PS affordable, easy upload and fast. Similar to MPC above but less stock & box options & more other items options. Card Colors may be less bright than original digital files. UPDATE by Lucky Card; just to add link for my review for their linen and plastic stock!:)) http://creativenlight.blogspot.ba/search?updated-min=2015-01-01T00:00:00-08:00&updated-max=2016-01-01T00:00:00-08:00&max-results=6 Note this was before their stock price rise significantly 2016 same as MPC that may be sister company?:) compared to US PODs so you may wish to consider TGC and DTC to be better option for US and worldwide?:)


Canada: just find out about these!:)
https://www.catprint.com/drafts/new big selection of cardstock & finish options!:)
https://www.newprint.ca/trading-cards-printing big selection of various promo items!:)
https://shop.eprintonline.com.au/game-decks/products/ big selection of printed items including cards & booklets With Effect!:D
https://www.easy2print.com.au/custom-playing-game-cards/products/ same as above worth checking out if you are in Australia!:)


Note imo EU printers are great way to offer better price & faster shipping for EU orders!:)

+save your costumers of extra import charges/VAT tax or whatever post is charging for international orders & everyone complains about!:D





Germany; Note I noticed plenty PoD in Germany have variety of box options including my favorite tins!:)

https://www.spielematerial.de/en/ this company have awesome selection of game parts & best tins I find in Europe!:) also their wikipage mention 320gsm 350gsm & 390gsm cardstock worth checking out!:) will update moment I know more!:)http://spieleerfinden.de/wiki_en/index.php?title=Cards
https://www.piksieben.de/de/spielkarten/100-individuelle-spielkarten this have good poker & bridge size tin box & few larger sizes!:)
https://www.printerstudio.de/fotogeschenke/personalisierte-spielkarten.html printerstudio pod in Germany!:) recommended!^^ 



http://www.ludocards.com/ this EU based company (Italy) offer great quality POD drop ship service & ship worldwide!:)

+ free shipping if you ship All your decks at once to your home address!;)

it's my exclusive EU printer!:) but I'm moving my shipping to mailboxde.com read my full review here!^^;D

check out pic of Tarot decks lc printed for me here; https://photos.app.goo.gl/qZ6dZc6J49nUdTVf6

& read my full review here; http://creativenlight.blogspot.com/2019/03/ludocards-best-eu-based-pod-review.html

check their faq here; http://www.ludocards.com/faq.php

& quotes here; http://www.ludocards.com/quote.php &

same page can also generate your required standard or customized card size & box preset/pdf template but Be Warned; I noticed these pdf generated card sizes templates may not be accurate as *instruction pdf say their bleed is 3mm but *instruction button & illustration say it's 2mm, while most printers use 3mm & after asking print service to confirm their standard Tarot size card preset in pixel I'm told it's 898x1488 that fits 76x126mm( 7x12cm printed card +3mm bleed on each side!:) so simple way of calculating your card img file size in mm or pixel for this printer is your printed card size(i.e their standard Tarot preset 70x120mm +6mm on each number=76x126mm or 898x1488px!:) I've asked them to fix this moment I noticed but it seem they don't plan doing it anytime soon(25dec2018?x,x will update this post moment it's fixed!X,x until then you can download templates I've used here; http://fav.me/dd30ioa

but print drift is still possible(like with all printers here!) so avoid borders etc & I'll be not held responsible for any possible misprint resulting from these issues!;)

Considering this template issue & complicated file preparation requirement & outdated interface & expensive drop shipping service, MPC & US printers may be better idea if you wish to keep it simple & easy!;)

on the bright side I noticed my standard gamecrafter tarot template guidelines are fit & easy to convert to this ludocard Tarot size!:) so it doesn't require much to fit your img for these!:)



https://cardcreator.personalisedplayingcards.com/prices PoD based in UK & offer printing deck & free shipping for UK!:) worth checking out for UK orders� will add more info soon!


https://www.playingcardspersonalised.co.uk/tarot-cards uk




https://thefoilprintingco.com/uk/metallic-foil-playing-card-printing only one in Europe offer foil options for single deck & slim aka bring card size cost is best for +100 decks will test it out for my next deck & provide detail review!:) also big selection of other promo prints such as booklets!:)



if you plan printing large here are some recommendations;



  • https://www.fabryka-kart.eu/en/ Happy to add this great Poland printer factory with long tradition certificates & awards in card industry they also offer all fancy add ons including: UV Gloss, Metallic Hot & Cold Stamping & Glitter & Gilded edges!:D & sturdy 2 piece slider & clam shell & wooden box options!:D & plenty of cardboard elements such as puzzle & other plastic & wood elements!;D minimum quote is 500 decks read my review here p.s it seems they printed larger gilded Shadowscapes Tarot as well!:D will add more info upon confirmation!;D
  •  http://www.cartamundi.com/de / Good quality & price but only if you only print cards there and the box and/or booklet print elsewhere. 1000 decks around 3,70 Euro per deck
  • http://www.piatnik.com/ Perfect austrian quality, but also the most expensive one. 1000 decks plus box 6,13 Euro (additional costs not included), only decks without box 5,57 Euro
  • https://www.groels.nl/ Netherland



www.guruplayingcards.com “GPCC printing company in partnership with one of the top most leading printer. Based out of Australia. The printing and shipping happens from China while the 100% handcrafted and lacquered decks are done in India. Produced 2 (poker) decks till now, both of which received rave reviews. Bharata Major Arcana tarot will be first tarot deck by this company. Given current customers are playing card collectors, quality of printing, card stock etc. is paramount, and rest assured, I take care of each production print personally. Don't offer print on demand and minimum print run is 600 decks. Offer any type of card size as well. Any other question, please feel free to ask. Regards, Sunish”


http://www.printninja.com/printing-products/card-game-printing based in US & print in China, just look at their printing options that include metallic n foil print definitively promising for selfpublishers!^^)

waiting for review!


https://plaincards.com/ waiting for review!


https://shuffledink.com/ Formerly known as Quality Playing Cards, this company is a professional card printer. They do any size and number of cards, have a top notch art department, and the quality is exceptional. They do work internationally. 


https://www.jimiagency.net/ this dynamic duo is based in Korea & offering playing cards with holo effect!:)minimal order per 1design is 200 cards, they also offer bookmarks, postcards & much more so be sure to check out their web page!:)


http://jsmccarthy.com/ Personable and professional. 100% of all our electricity purchases are derived from wind power.


www.imageppm.com/ Recommended by Jay DeForest:

Image Printing & Packaging is a company where you will deal directly with an English speaking print manager in China. Their quality is excellent and their prices are some of the best we have found. They can handle card decks, books, boxes and other items. They can do qualities

of 500, but the pricing is much better at 1000 units or more. They can also do gold or silver edging on small qualities, which most companies will not do.



http://expertplayingcard.com/#custom Playing Card Company, New York City, New York 10001 professional playing cards with foil & Embossing option




https://www.girliepress.com/  small local printer in Seattle printing all sorts of works & materials






more info & good printer list here; http://www.jamesmathe.com/hitchhikers-guide-to-game-manufacturers/


Note; whatever printer you end up with be sure to ask for round edges carbon or black core  & at least 300gsm anything less is bad for Tarot cards!:)

also linen/Embossed card texture is my favorite & what I use with my thegamecrafter & drivethrucards selfpublished decks!:)

&downloading Tarot card size templates from thegamecrafter is good idea as these are Standard & will work with dtc & other pod as well!:)


Note2; printing in China may seem like a good idea for all fancy options mpc offer but it's not!:) why?;)

1) shipping cost & time!(most of your orders will be in US! it's faster & more affordable to ship from US printers like dtc (7$ with tracking!:)

2) tax & extra fees!:) if you *import something from outside your country tax/vat/post collecting fees is possible!:) & you'll probably need to explain your tax form if you do big ks/receive lot of $ at once!:) & you are likely to get more backers if you ship from Europe so there is no extra import tax vat & postage fees they had to pay for parcels outside EU!:)

3) investment it require; Be sure to check out this Awesome Blog for All info Tarot & Costs of Selfpublishing;

https://benebellwen.com/2018/11/26/the-actual-cost-of-self-publishing-a-tarot-deck/ & her digital course for selfpublishers;

https://benebellwen.com/2019/07/04/how-to-self-publish-your-tarot-or-oracle-deck reviewed by me here;



4) better card stock quality & price(mpc &ps now charge double for same embossed/linen card stock you have on dtc & tgc!x,x facepalm

5) search engine, (mpc & ps are missing these! so only way for people to find your game is by direct link you post somewhere or random luck?x,x

6) exposure & sale statistic not only your deck won't sell that well on mpc & pc but can you be sure their statistic (if they have any?)is correct?x,x

7) copyright! fact is China have different regulation for this than US & EU & if you send your img to their printer they may use it anyway they like, or thats what I hear?x,x

8 ) buyer protection & costumer service, my 1st & last order from mpc was lost & never found!x,x even they charged me extra for *tracking number & insurance!x,x facepalm I contacted their costumer service more than once but never got any reply!x,x in the end I had to go to paypal lucky they decided in my refund! point is;

9) paypal is your best insurance! if your printing company don't have paypal better look for one who does!:D


also be sure to post us here what worked best for you?:)


Eta: visit my blog for updated printer list as I'm taking break from forum!:)


Thank You!^^

All Best!



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Not updating this thread further!:)
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I'm thinking going down the POD route if ever I finish another tarot (essential tracked and signed-for shipping has become too expensive), so thanks for a very useful and comprehensive post, Irena.

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Heads up on this for UK readers - UK customs ALWAYS slap fees (VAT at the very least - and they charge on postage and packing as well as the deck) on anything that comes from thegamecrafter. Well, they did up to 6 months ago, when I stopped ordering from there altogether. That, together with the fee that Royal Mail charge - £8 - for collecting the VAT can double the price of the deck. This may lose you buyers - it usually loses me !

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I'm thinking going down the POD route if ever I finish another tarot (essential tracked and signed-for shipping has become too expensive), so thanks for a very useful and comprehensive post, Irena.

Happy to help!:) as far as I know tgc have best UPS international shipping with tracking, but dtc is working on that so hopefully they'll catch up soon!:) (as well as holo foil!^^ lol


gregory[/member] got your point but fact is most orders are US!:) XP

I find few uk based pod but non seem to work as pod shop?x,x facepalm

so if you find one that works I'll gladly upload my decks there!:)

also dtc have publisher discount for order over 5000 cards/i.e 65x80card deck?x,x plan using this with my next deck in hope I can help avoid that infamous tax regulations!:) so will post you when i have my test shippment ready!:D lol (even it can take a while with our local post service taking over 3weeks for BD order!x,x facepalm ;)

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They do good stuff - but NOT drop shipping and you have to buy multiples - 5 minimum.


But I think They DO NOW!:)

this is info I got from Giuseppe;

Giuseppe Giachetti <mail@ludocards.com>


Tue, Nov 6, 2:46 PM (2 days ago)


to me

Dear Irena,


Thank you for contacting us.


We specialise in printing custom cards and have printed a lot of tarot cards as you can see from our Instagram gallery at www.instagram.com/ludocardsitaly.


We also provide drop shipping service to our customers who needs to deliver to their respective customers when a sale is made. Such a service includes for real time order management and delivery tracking through our advanced technology of API connection apart from stock management, packing and shipping.


You get instant quotes online at www.ludocards.com/quote.php, and please click “simulate drop shipping” for detailed information. The minimum quantity for tarot cards is 6 units and please refer to the below screenshot for your easy reference:"


imo it may be not standard Print on Demand service where you order 1 deck they then print & ship to address you provided but you need to print minimal numbers of decks first they then store & ship for you when sale is made 1 by 1?x,x will post more info soon!:)


EmpressAdora[/member] & Little Fang[/member] you are welcome!:)


p.s they even say they can pack my decks in tins & with other extras if I order it elswhere & ship to them!:)


so now i'm looking for good Tarot & Poker/Bridge size tin provider!:)

please post if you know anyone beside mpc (don't wan't their logo on my tins! facepalm:)

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OK - fair enough. That doesn't show on the main website.

yes, that's why it's easy to miss!:) i will be sure to post more about this moment I have my decks ready to publish with this company!:)


even if their solution may seem bit unusual, hopefully they do what it say; let you print n store your decks then sell n ship 1by1 to buyer address!:) I mean it would be crazy to set minimal 6 deck for order!:) facepalm lol


btw my next question; what do you think is best box option from 3 they have?:) (until I get tins from somewhere!:) lol

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If I were buying, I would run with the single printed with lid. I also much prefer casket tuckboxes to traditional. Since you ask. BUT - if it makes a huge price difference, then no. DECKS are what I would want.


And as the printed box with lid HUGELY ups the unit price, I lose interest ! So - I'd say printed casket.

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Thank You for input gregory[/member]! That's Exactly my rank list!:D

it's not that big difference for larger print i.e 60 decks up think I can pull that much for my Pam's Vintage?!:) still tins beat it all in safety shipping category!:) if only I can find EU shop for those,, or get those from mpc without their embossed logo!x//



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I can't even see the tins on there....

that's the thing! they don't have tins,,, BUT will pack my decks in tins if I manage to find it somewhere else n ship to them!x// facepalm lolz


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:) sadly no, only Tarot size tins i've find so far are these; https://www.makeplayingcards.com/design/plain-tarot-tin-box.html

don't mind generic look that can be fixed with print or stickers!:D

but big mpc logo is an issue!x,x will email them & ask if they have some without it?:)

oh, well if I don't find tin provider(preferably in EU!:) will go with 2piece box!:D

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Wow! Bow to the true Master of Search engines!:D

never remembered to look on amazon as I usually use paypal they don't have but definitly worth bookmarking!:D


I was checking tinware direct before but they didn't have fitting Tarot size?x,x

but that last Berlin link is gold!:) ETA these are not EU but US?x,x wtf! lolz

Big Thank You!^^ if my decks end up tined it will be because YOU MAKE IT POSSIBLE!^^ lol

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I used Make Playing Cards to make a small test/promotional run for for a deck I put on Kickstarter.  I've been very happy with their website interface, quality of their product, and shipping.


Their communication was a little tricky.  One of the reasons I suspect for that is that they are based in China and the time zones are quite a shift from the US.

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Guest KnightsQuest

I used Make Playing Cards to make a small test/promotional run for for a deck I put on Kickstarter.  I've been very happy with their website interface, quality of their product, and shipping.


Their communication was a little tricky.  One of the reasons I suspect for that is that they are based in China and the time zones are quite a shift from the US.


I second this, my card proofs were a nice quality and their Marketplace shop makes promoting and selling self-published decks much easier. :)

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I'd definitely have used DriveThru cards after reading Reall's comprehensive post, but their submission process is very exacting (the ink levels, out of gamut colours etc.), and the programme I use only gave me PDF saving options that were not the specified ones. 


In the end I decided to go with MPC for the New Liminal Tarot - the card stock is really nice to handle and I'm very happy with the colours. It's possible to improve the look of the listing too, by using your own uploaded images rather than the default one (the first card in the pack).


I did have some trouble with the system - every tiny adjustment to the Set Up that is made and saved after publishing has to be re-approved, which results in the disappearance of one's shop until approval unless has more then one item in it.


So I'd advise being very careful to get the listing exactly as you want it the first time and to forgo tweaking (I'm a compulsive tweaker).  :)

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Guest KnightsQuest

I'd definitely have used DriveThru cards after reading Reall's comprehensive post, but their submission process is very exacting (the ink levels, out of gamut colours etc.),


I also had some issues using the Drivethru submission process so i decided to go else where - although i was told their card stock is excellent.

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