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Little Fang

Seeking 1 Exchange Moderator!

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Little Fang

Due to the growth in our forum, we are in search of a couple of new people to join our staff!  <3  These are volunteer positions with no pay, but if you take part in the forum a lot and know it in and out, the extra help is loved and appreciated!


The Exchange Moderator only monitors the Exchange boards. - 1 position open


1. Please make sure you know the rules in and out, or can reference them when confused. I ask that you have a decent amount of experience in how the exchanges are supposed to work, as well as their specific rules.

2. Make sure people are providing feedback, and that both parties are doing a proper exchange.

3. Be friendly and welcoming to all members.


Sound like something you can do?  Please fill out the form below and send it via Helpdesk! No hard feelings if you don't get picked.  There may be other chances, and there may even be opportunities to moderate specific forum sections at some point.


1. Do you have any experience moderating a forum?

2. Do you know the forum software or have time to learn it?

3. What is your timezone?

4. Roughly how much time can you be here per week?


Thank you for making TT&M an amazing forum!

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