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Everyday Enchantment Death Card

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The Death card in the Everyday Enchantment just warms my heart. It shows a child sitting with an elderly grandma on a bench out in the winter snow. She's preparing the child for her death, which could come at any time. I just really identify with that card and love how Poppy dealt with it. I'm a great-grandmother now and I often think about how my own passing will cause people to feel.


I've always hated how people will grieve at my passing. Even as a young person I felt that way. If I could afford or arrange my own funeral to have a second line funeral, that's what I'd do. Yes, I'm gone but remember what I loved when I was young and be happy.I loved people, music, loved to dance---so many happy things. That's what I want for those who may grieve my passing. Think of the good stuff, the loving stuff, the funny stuff---my not grieving for me because I'm gone. Touch somebody else's life with empathy and compassion. Give gifts to others if you make pretty things or useful things. Many,many good things can be found if you can learn what unconditional love really is and really put it into practice to the best of your ability. And children---little treasures no matter whose they are----always think of the children who are around you and try to add positive and loving and fun things for them.


I'd better climb off my soap box before I fall. Jeez! I fall down when I stay on the floor, I'd break my neck falling from this soap box.

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