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:party: Hi all!!!!

Our fondest tarot wishes CAN come true, if we are patient. It was many years ago i first had the wish for a larger borderless Ancestral Path Tarot by Julie Cuccia-Watts! But  now it has come true at long last:




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US Games emailed a lady called Sarah, who responded that they are the UK distributors for US Games and offered to reserve a copy.....they are expecting to receive stock of the new Ancestral Path in April.

It will cost around £22.50.





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IT'S HERE!!!! :dancecat:


I haven't even looked through all the cards yet, but it's obvious they are not only bigger -- they are BETTER!!!! I'm attaching the 3 of Cups from the first edition (printed in Belgium) and the new edition. Look at Lancelot's face... Wow! What a difference! I suppose everyone already knows all about this, but it looks to me like Julia Cuccia-Watts has gone over the images in this new deck. It's GORGEOUS! I love love love it!!!


HOLMES[/member] The card stock is excellent. It reminds of the stock in the deck printed in Belgium, but the finish isn't waxy like that, it's silky smooth. (It might be the same as the edition printed in China, but I don't have that one.) Although it is a flexible card stock, I could never riffle-shuffle a deck this large, even sideways. The stack in my well-used Belgium deck measures 15/16ths of an inch; the stack in the new borderless deck measures 1 and 1/4 inches.


I ordered this deck from U.S. Games, and they delivered in 3 days. I see that Amazon expects to have it, although it's not in stock there yet.



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