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The English Magic Tarot?


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Hi, all!


I got this deck on a whim because I really liked the artwork and it was super-cheap for some reason on Amazon. I've since learned that it has kind of a poor reputation among tarot people? But I really don't understand why, I find all the imagery really interesting and the book thoughtful, if a little whimsical. What am I missing?

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I think there may be a long story behind the idea of "english magic tradition" that might explain some of the cards like the high priestess or the moon which quite vary from the RWS standard.  I expect it would be an interesting deck to study and good that it has a book with it!


Another style of  'idea behind the idea' decks are The Alchemical decks which have underlying alchemy meanings behind the images, I've never been bright enough to catch on to what they are :) but if you like this I'll bet you'd like those too

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I think AJ-ish/Sharyn[/member] that the sort of 'hidden undertone meanings' flavor was one thing that people disliked about it but i'm not really sure why. There's apparently a puzzle written in Gaelic that's not explained anywhere, and I see why that might annoy some people but it's also a nice touch.


IDK, I'll try and look more closely at the cards/book this week and see if there's some insight to share here. :)


And yes, Quester[/member], the low Amazon price was startling and partly why I got it to begin with!

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Saturn Celeste

I think it's the kind of deck that tarot readers liked more than those who practiced magic but read tarot.


I like the deck but I'm never one to ask because I really like all my decks.  The colors are really different which I suppose some people didn't like that although the colors are one of the reasons that I was attracted to the deck.  I love the horses too.  I think the main reason I don't use it as much as I would like is because of the actual historical use of the deck.  I know it has to do with John Dee and old British Isles magic.  I want to learn more of the time but I just don't have the time to study British history in the Victorian era.  I do find it fascinating and still enjoy using the deck.  :)


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What I find with this deck - and cannot overlook - is how jarring I find the deep, historic, solemn theme of magic with all its cultural references - and then these sketchy, cartoony images. It’s probably a prejudice of mine, I know but I suppose what I’m saying is that I can’t get messages or readings from a deck in this style. With a deck on such a lofty theme, I can’t square the sketchiness. It feels insubstantial somehow. I always think I should love it because I love the theme but I dig it out and - again -  nothing.



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