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The Sexiest Tarot Card?

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Guest Night Shade

Keep it (semi) clean, everyone  >:D



by The Hanged Man


What is the sexiest Tarot card/s that you can think of? Have you ever looked at a figure on a card and melted with lust? I just thought that it might be a fun and interesting topic to see what folks think the sexiest Tarot cards are, and why it is that you feel that these cards are sexy.


If you can, try and provide a scan or scans of the cards that you mention, so we can all feast our eyes on it/them. If you can't, it's no big deal, just describe in detail or refer to a link.

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Guest Night Shade

The 8 of Swords isn't exactly a sexy card, but this one from the Forest Folklore Tarot, with a cute bald man all tied up and blindfolded, gives me all kinds of ideas!  >:D


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see 3 of pentacles from Sexual Magic Tarot  >:D

Something tells me I better not!  X-D


Yeh I can't post that :)

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