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Saturn Celeste

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Saturn Celeste

Hello dear TT&M family.  Since the upgrade, subscriptions have been down.  We really rely on them to keep the site going.  We also don't care for the in your face donation drives so many other forums have to resort to so I'm announcing a new donation opportunity.  I will be offering 3 readings per month for a donation of $5 per reading.  In my club section will be a monthly sign up thread.  I have 2 openings right now.  This is how you get a 3 tarot card one oracle reading from me and help the website out!


  1. Join my club
  2. Donate $5 to the Monthly Hosting on the right side panel.
  3. Sign up on the monthly thread, here for May.
  4. When you sign up make sure to include your birthday, and your question.
  5. You will receive a reading of 3 tarot cards and 1 oracle card and a great big Thank You for your donation to TT&M!


I've recently been laid up but am feeling much better and ready to take on 3 readings for the rest of this month.  This is my own paid reader section and normally I'd be doing readings that pay me but I want to help the site and get some money coming in so I do hope you all will consider this offer.  Depending on my schedule and time, I might even expand the amount of readings I do a month for donation in the near future. :love:

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