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Earth Angels

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Has anyone heard about Earth Angels?


I was told a little while ago that I am one, it doesn't mean that I've got wings - it's more a case of wanting to help others and heal them, and the earth.

I would be interested in talking to anyone else who is an Earth Angel, I want to find out a bit more about me and how I can help.



If you're interested, the link above contains a few tell-tale signs.


Love & Light



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HelloTams 717!  This is a very interesting subject and one l believe in.  l have read the link you have given so if you can relate to it then yes you are an Earth Angel.  l also believe that sometimes an animal can be an Earth Angel, a being who is different to other animals.  l was fortunate to have one in the form of a pet dog.  She was intuitive, very healing and could read me so well.  She came into my life when l needed her and became a wonderful teacher.  

If you do relate to the link, then just be your loving self,  and help others in ways that are natural to you.  It could be through the tarot, becoming a healer, a counsellor, nurse etc.  or a very best friend.


l found the particular mention in the article about the longing to go home very close to my heart.  As a child l was always looking up at the sky through the windows when l should have been concentrating on school studies.  l just had this huge longing to go home, though l did not know where to.  My teachers always accused me of being a day dreamer.  Just be yourself and let things develop naturally.

Love and light to you also ❤️



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Thank you for this link. I've been told I'm an Angel on many occasions. The situations I get myself in, wow... I get asked why I constantly involve myself in other peoples drama and let them drain my energy as I help them and take on how they feel. A few days ago, I helped an ex roommate who I don't see anymore for many, many hours from killing himself, I wouldn't let him out of my site, and dropped him home making him leave his bike here he was trying to ride high back to his house where he was kicked out of but i knew it was fine and nothing would happen if he said the right things cos i often know what people want before they do, i can see peoples patterns, i can read them like its nothing and know personal facts. He broke in through the window and when the new roommate saw, i looked at him first in the eye and said "take care of him" and he had no anger anymore. Just agreed and then the fight was over. My problem is i dont expect anything in return except for some gratitude and appreciation, maybe some awareness but that last ones very difficult to get. 


Do you resonate with not getting the gratitude you deserve for constantly helping others? It's something i need to not expect as it bothers me. But i just want a little. i often speak to people and they tell me personal secrets very quickly and open up to me, and i usually know solutions but its hard to know things, especially when you're close with someone and they are fustrated from you always trying to heal them, and not being able to guide them directly in the path they need. I wish people could hear the truth but they need to discover it themselves. im sick of telling someone something and we fight over it and a year later "im so sorry you were right about everything"


No matter how much i try to do any of it less, i find myself in situations like the other day. It happens a lot, and i never think of myself during, it's like im someone else, but i can see their path. Sometimes i think im manifesting it all, but it feels like everyrhing is set in stone and I'm taking them along that journey which i know will work out for them. 


Ive been involved in some very dark personal relations, where its someone I've maybe helped for so long and they get worse and i take a step back and bad things happen. Do you or anyone experience this? I know theres nothing you can do, as you cant be there for everyone. I need to focus on me, not go off on another journey w someone to save them from going down a dark path. 


Its even worse if i love someone, I'll try and try and try to help and it makes things worse and worse cos we fight and i just want to be listened to cos im right but they dont want to listen to me. So they stop. Helping someone when it comes so naturally feels like a burden but it shouldnt be. I guess i need to get better at setting boundries cos i cannot create them, i let anyone in my energy thst needs help and I'll be there for them. 


Its like a have a vast amount of knowledge for everyone else but i still struggle with my own stuff. Cos no one seems to be there for me like i am for them, and how could they. I think this is the part that is hardest about it all, is it cant be reciprocated. i wont find someone unless they like me, who will treat me like i will treat them. That will want to save me, relentlessly. 


A bit of a rant. But i guess its the first time ive seen the space for it. Nice to meet you. Would love to know more about your struggles or positives. It explains a lot of my quirks. So many people tell me im like an alien lol, that theyve never met anyone like me because of how honest, open and understanding i am. How quickly i learn about most people with things i know from just their body language. I have no filter and misinterpreted sometimes cos i have no judgement but people add it on when the honesty doesnt make them comfortable. I also dont fear anyrhing, i did as a kid, but now i have a strong confidence as nothing phases me. Its like I've seen and heard it all before.  


I wonder if theres a way to help people that want help, like as a healer or life coach (?) Or even call it by the name, as an angel. Cos i want to touch those who want it too. 

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