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The Stone Nature Deck

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On a quest for the Ogham meanings:

post 2

IX Cumhach the Trickster card 5 (Hermit)

has what I am led to belief the sign for Willow. No idea why. The card shows me a Hazelnut in the foreground, but in the way back, there may just be a Willow.

Well Ogham – Willow: I am checking several sites and books about that and find out, that “Saille” may stand for

book 1: Night vision, lunar rhythms, female aspects, month no 4 =February of the Celtic Tree calendar, which seems to be an invention the ancient Celts knew nothing about – until ?? R.Graves came up with it and it all was picked up by the Pagan / New Age adherents.??

Please correct me, if I am wrong here! ♥

Book 2 Green Man Tree Oracle :

From harmony comes inspiration”

Saille can be translated as “grows near water”

Willow branches are used by dowsers to witch for water.

It then goes on telling me about Demeter and the Gypsies.....

Book 2 about sacred Trees tells me that it is for the Moon Goddess, that harps are made from Willow, also wicker furniture and wattle (wattle and daub construction)


Willow will bend” is a Siberian proverb I learned from my father who used willow branches to dipped in water to bless our Horses and the Rabbits in the barn, the barn itself and the hey and everything else including me..... It was one of the rituals he did every New Moon to ward of “Albis” = nasty Spirits bringing illness and misfortune.

We also used Willow branches in the Banyo/ Siberian sauna to swish them away, invigorate us and get the circulation going.

So although I felt the biting swish of Willlow on my very skin, I always have the feeling, that Willow is gentle and a loving, protective tree, giving us means to help with getting rid of pain from headaches and injuries and have a healing influence on body and soul.


Now it is YOUR turn to add what Ogham Saille means to you!



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On a quest for the Ogham meanings:

post 3


The 0ther Salmon has the sign of the Hazel with it!

The nut of immortality, the branch fit to be a wand for a wizard, is right now residing in a large vase on our family Altar.

The Celtic Tree Oracle says intuition, straight to the source, 9th month = July. Well, we are having July and I would LOVE to find a way straight to the source of what the Ogham signs meant to the ones who used them. Was it a secret way of communication, that the Romans did not understand? Was it the way to give immortality to the ones, who's name was engraved onto the Ogham stones? Did Ogham transcend all the different dialects from back then and so help communication?

THAT I think is most logical. A people that can unite around a common cause need a common language.

Today, in the world of divination however,Hazel

- is seen as an invitation to seek wisdom and knowledge,

- to help with discerning true from false,

- The Hazelnut is seen as the fruit of the Gods, unintentionally or not swallowed up by the legendary Salmon.

- In the olden times to fell a Hazel or an Apple Tree was punished by death!

- Hazel was seen as a Faery Tree and they would also come and get the perpetrator.


Looking again at the cards of my I see, that the Ogham signs of the 2 Salmon cards are “facing each other”

It gives me a feeling of balance.

the Faeries sitting in my Hazel bush are commonly known as Red Squirrels.

I will leave this by adding a nice poster, found on the net, that shows yet another all in all similar interpretation of the Ogham signs:




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Just a quick post for people that are interested in getting the Stone Tarot:

I am really not a picky person, but what bugs me with my deck, is, that about 20 cards do have a nick/ kink/ uneven edge on one side and it is sharp and irritating when I shuffle the cards:



Have any of you had this happen with a deck and how did you fix it?

Also, I noticed, especially with the backs, that the white borders of the cards are a bit wider on one side then on the other.

However, the "notched cards" are the ones, where the borders are even!




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I had quite a busy week and could not write or post much, but today I have some time and I meant to share this deck interview reading:

Deck interview reading:


With this reading I always want to bring up the very first thing that pops into my mind. BEFORE my analytical compassionate mind or my knowledge/ training have a chance to kick in.

So it is just 1 sentence, 1 “mind popping” that is brought to bear.

Then, when the reading is done I go over these "mind poppings" again and write a few clarifying words, so later I can remember the feelings I had better.


1 The Nature of the deck:


Oh NO! The ugliest card in the deck! What is he eating!


With this deck the creator has bitten into a pretty messy and yet uncomfortable thing.

... and so have I.




2 What it intents:


Running headlong into the forest (into the unknown) wearing THESE huuuuuge Antlers!??


It will be no wonder if I and others will get tangled up in a forest of unknown stuff.



3 my path of study:


Now here he is standing at attention, seeing and learning something.


For a moment it felt, as if I am looking at the same Animal, first running headlong into some danger, then stopping to think things over and assessing the situation.

The deck demands my attention, but with all its Celtic and Ogham trimmings creating huge heavy antlers. 

Will I go on through this forest?

I am realizing, this is the Emperor, but this is not my country, my world my heritage, so he is no my Emperor!

What I am meaning to say, to me, this is yet again a foreign culture I am delving into.



4 My strength with it/ what I will learn?


Oh, my Wolves, The Druid pack which sadly now all live on the other side of the Spirit River!

Moon: illusion, dreams


The Wolves ♥ – Wolf in my paternal Clan Guardian and therefore VERY important to me.

But I am looking at an image of the Otherworld.= Do not get the beautiful vision of the deck creator mixed up with the product right before you. It has a ways to go before it will be a good addition to the world of Tarot.


5 Weaknesses of the deck:



little Frueschlinge! = Wild piglets beneath a huge Oak.

They first need to grow!


Yes, there is still room for lots of improvement in the system and the small piglets will have to do some growing to do. I too will have a steep learning curve ahead of me. So will anybody else.

But the potential is there!


6 outcome/ my future with the deck:



A Robin in Spring!

This is the beginning of something, that still needs to grow!

We all loooove Robins, We all looove Spring!


I am not a fan of "pink and cute”

Although this card is pink, it is not cute.

Within my feelings I am at bit of a loss with this image.

I KNOW, what the 7 of wands represent and see, this Robin will have stiff competition , but I an dismayed, when I look at the meaning written in the LWB of this deck.


But the meaning now is clear.

To understand and work with this deck will be a steep hill to climb and clamber up.

And then?

I will be in foreign territory.

Oh Robin, where to has your sweet song lured me?




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