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Hey guys, 


I'm aware it's a full moon soon, I'm wondering if you had any tips for manifestation. I normally listen to Jason Stephenson before I sleep or dauschcy. 


But I'm wondering if there any specific things I'm missing, and should be doing. 


I've written lists times before now but nothing seems to work. 


Thank-you 💕 


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I'm knew to this forum and I'm not sure if there's a specific way people do things around here. But to me, manifesting begins with yourself. It's hard to give someone specific feedback here without any information but generally at the base level, manifesting is a form of energy work and working with energy its important for you to be open, not just for this but in general to everything, listening to other peoples ideas and perspectives, as well as having a strong awareness of others and yourself.


Meditating helps center and open the mind and is a good place to start to allow yourself to be open and receptive to energy. You need start awakening this new sense !! Get in touch with YOU so you can be open and receptive to energy. That gives you a feel for it and will most likely help you with what you're trying to accomplish. 


Well, working on your self-awareness, self-perception and so on in order to lose the part of you with walls and defense mechanisms which are blocking; this will be beneficial to a range of things - this is my own foundation for this work which is constantly worked on and tested, but it's so freeing to start losing your ego. 


Then look into MANIFESTATION, you will find you can accomplish a lot without YOU getting in the way of YOURSELF which is most people's issue.  


Hope that helps,


V E X X 

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