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✵ Starwritten Readings ✵ [Free & Paid Tarot Readings: Tarot Content]

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✵ starwritten readings 

✵ https://starwritten-readings.tumblr.com 

~ Offering Free Readings! ~




I offer three types of readings, but plenty of room to adjust and shape them:


  • Open access collective readings, posted directly to the blog (weekly+)
  • Free personal readings (OPEN!)
  • Paid personal readings (CLOSED at the moment)


If you are interested in a free personal reading... -> contact me through the forum OR here!


[[Check out my profile here, @starwritten, to see what decks I have/am working on.]]



The act of reading for others is therapeutic to my own craft. I love sharing this skill with others, and learning about it with others. I hesitated before starting Starwritten, and realized that this is the right move for me. I hope to be able to bring to others the same clarity that came to me when I began reading for myself.



I am fresh to sharing my readings with the general public, and excited to start on this journey! I began reading in August 2018 and have been reading for others almost as long. At this point, I have given readings to dozens of people - some that I know, and some that I don't.


✵ https://starwritten-readings.tumblr.com 

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