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Readings And Healing Sessions

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Readings and Healing @ A Magickal Corner 


About me:

I believe in leading a mindful existence. Sometimes we need a nudge, some perspective, guidance and healing to get us to a place from where we can be more mindful, clear headed, and live our best possible life. This is why I use various tools and my 2 decades of professional tarot + energy healing experience to help as many people as I can. Through my work I have helped a large and varied audience, from investment bankers to mothers, politicians to celebrities and people from all walks of life.


Book a session with me here on my Etsy shop. PM for a bespoke reading, and for a 40% discount for a reading in return for feedback! 


Is this for you?

Do you have a burning question?

Undecided or stuck?

Have so many things going on you don’t know what to think?

A very specific incident and you need someone to shed light on what’s going on?

Do you have a recurring dream?

Migraines, stress, anxiety, or worries?


Then you need to book one of these right now:

-  a tarot reading


Chakra healing


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