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Week 5 Jung's Man And His Symbols


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We are already half-way through our chapter!  This week we’ll be reading the first half of the section entitled, The Archetype in Dream Symbolism, pp. 65 - 73. As always, feel free to post multiple times through the week. 


Some Ideas for Discussion: 


Your reflections on the reading.  What stood out to you?  What surprised you?  What did you disagree with?  What did you relate to?


Anything “quotable?”


In what ways does the reading relate to Tarot symbolism and Tarot practice?


Share examples of symbols from art, popular culture, cultural artifacts, dreams, etc.


Anything else you’d like to discuss.

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This reading was shorter than usual and cut off right in the middle of Jung’s discussion of the little girl’s dream booklet - so I went ahead and read through the section but I’ll keep my comments to the first half. To me, this has been the most interesting section so far. 


Favorite quote:  “...f archetypes were representations that originated in our consciousness...we would surely understand them, and not be bewildered and astonished when they present themselves in our consciousness.”  




I pulled out the Mystic Dreamer Tarot the other day, and happened upon the Empress which I usually associate with the Earth Mother archetype. I had to look twice to be sure it was indeed the Empress.  She’s sitting down so it’s hard to tell if that’s a baby bump in her lap (as is readily evident in some decks) and she’s carelessly holding a few sprigs of grain but her facial expression and setting do not seem nurturing or caring at all.  Contrast the next card from Mystic Faerie Tarot.  


What other archetypes have you noticed in Tarot, and do any particular images from your decks stand out?




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To me the Empress is not necessarily a mother - or pregnant.

She is the female ruler of the realm. So she may be the mother of the realm. 


Soooo does THAT mean, we have different archetypes?

 - or just a different view of this archetype?


Or maybe she is not even an archetype that is firmly planted into our subconscious.

She may just be a concept.....

the MOTHER is an archetype.

The Empress?

not so much!

Just for us Tarot nuts she may have risen further up towards archetypal status.

For Everyman on the street - without any Tarot cards in his/ her den, she is just.......?? 

BUT: "Mother" will be an archetype for him/ her as well!


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Yes, very true she isn’t necessarily only those things.  In writings where they try to locate archetypes within the Tarot, this is but one association and our readings primed me to spot that archetype.  I realize she’s also a ruler, etc.  I just found it interesting.



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21 hours ago, Starlight said:

I am behind on my reading this week. I'm aiming for some time tomorrow.

No worries, take your time :herz:

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