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Artemis Readings: Etsy Shop Launch (Discounts, 4 Types of Reading)


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Hi everyone! 🙂 I just wanted to post the link to my brand new Etsy shop on here: ARTEMIS READINGS. I'm offering four types of readings, a standard intuitive reading using a RWS deck, a lunar reading using The Moon Deck, an Animal Spirit reading, and a Día de Muertos inspired reading to connect with loved ones. Since my shop online is brand new, everything will be 40% off through the end of the month of January! As an intuitive reader who has been helping friends, family, and a close circle of clients for years, I've finally decided to offer a small sample of my reading services online for the first time. Depending on how spiritually draining this is for me, I may add more in depth readings to my offerings in the future, including my original 18-card twelve month fortunes spread. I'm so so excited to start reading for more people and can't wait to hear your feedback and reviews!!!!



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