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State of flow and Tarot

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Does anyone here ever experiment with states of flow while they do Tarot? I've had to be in a heavy state of flow consistently for quite some time now due to health issues and self healing. I come and go from it depending on what I am doing, but am trying to integrate it into my life more and more in practical ways.

It seems like I always draw the right cards, and I've been experimenting making my own lay outs. I seem to have a specialty, and that is mirrored or self reflective readings. I make my own card lay outs that I don't even understand while I am doing them, they are very ambitious. As I lay the cards out I expect each card to compliment its counter part like a reflection in a pond. And to my own astonishment, it seems to work, every time. I feel open to the "old world" way of doing things. As if the knowledge want's to get out.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I am still new to Tarot. I got a deck as a kid that I used very little throughout my life but I do remember them "speaking" to me in different ways as well. Do your cards yell at you in no uncertain terms when you doubt them? I am the prime number 11, making me a high priestess life card. I am supposed to "know without knowing". But I do know that I feel like I'm going fucking crazy.

I've seen a lot of stuff, and I am very open mined. I am also always a skeptic, looking for the balance between the unknown and the known.

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