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Odd experiences with pets

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OK, so, I had a bit of an odd experience tonight and I wonder if anyone else has experienced something similar. 


I'd pulled 3 of my decks out earlier today to take some photos of them and show off their pouches I'd put together for them. I'm terrible at putting things away so just left them on the arm of the chair and went off to finish the post. After dinner and after the dogs had been fed (we have 3 including a 7 month old pup) we let them back inside and chilled out for a bit. Then, completely out of the blue Nova, our pup, started barking and seemed a bit freaked out. She went over towards the couch with the cards on it then bark and back away staring at the spot the cards were almost the whole time. Even when I moved them to put them on the floor so she could get a better look she would only come it for a quick distance sniff and back away quickly. It wasn't until I moved them over to the bar (the area they normally live) that she calmed down, although she was still a bit skittish around that couch for a little while after. 


Has have you had this kind of thing happen to you before? 

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