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Deck of The Weeek: Sign-up Thread: Week 149 : May 16 - May 22

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This thread is for those who would like to work through their collection of decks.  Each week we will be picking a deck (or desks) to work with for the week.

Anyone is welcome. Please join us!


1. Please post with your chosen deck for the week.


2. Chat away about your deck, how you're finding it etc.




1. tarot_cat - Olympus Tarot and the Ancient Animal Wisdom oracle.

2. Mi-Shell - Celtic Oracle

3. Amberjune - Tyldwick Tarot and the Crystal Mandala Oracle

4. Raggydoll - Herbcrafters tarot as my main deck and then combine it with an oracle. I’ll continue with the bird oracle

5. Bodhiseed - Sacred India Tarot paired with Land Sky Oracle

6. VGimlet - Art of Love Tarot

7. Queen of Nothing - Tarot Mucha

8. AJ-ish/Sharyn - Lo Scarabeo 2003 I Ching deck

9. Queen of Spades - Mystical Manga Deck. 




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New thread, whoo!


This week I'd like to work with the Olympus Tarot and the Ancient Animal Wisdom oracle.

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I will be spending another week with the Celtic Oracle.

- I have a feeling, I am slowly gearing myself up to do the in dept write-ups of the still missing Mayors of the Tarocci Celtici- 

Before I dive into that however, this week I also will have to do several Face to Face readings for looooong waiting clients - via Zoom. For that it will be the Greenwood Tarot.

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My random number selector has picked the Tyldwick Tarot and the Crystal Mandala Oracle.


Happy week everyone!

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I will carry on with the herbcrafters tarot as my main deck and then combine it with an oracle. I’ll continue with the bird oracle for a couple more days and then I’ll decide if I want to switch it for something else. 


Here are the cards for today:






As for the bird oracle, I am a bit conflicted. I think it generally reads well (though nowhere near as well as the herbcrafters) but I think the guidebook is peculiar. For a couple of the cards, the keywords are based on the characteristics of that bird but for many cards the creator has made up keywords based on events in her childhood or things she saw in dreams etc. And it does feel a bit odd to try and tune into someone else’s personal anecdotes to understand each card. This makes this deck not a particularly intuitive one, unless you disregard the guidebook and go with your own knowledge/instinct. But since many of these birds are unfamiliar to me, I do appreciate to learn more about their personalities or habits. 


I will give you a couple examples of what I mean. The first one is a description I quite liked and understood. The others didn’t resonate as much. (I haven’t had pelican or chickadee come up in readings, I noticed them as I was flipping through the guidebook to get a feel for the deck)




here are the types of descriptions that I struggle with:







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Originally it was going to be something else, but due to a Series of Unfortunate Events it will be the Art of Love Tarot this week.


I went to get my tarot deck down from the shelf my un-read-with decks sit on as they arrive, and one of the stacks fell, and decks went everywhere, including behind the computer monitor, which was a dusty mess, and I ended up taking everything off all the shelves of my computer area, and cleaning all the shelves that belong to me (which is something I've been going to do for a long time).   So now all the shelves are clean, but all the stuff to go back needs to be gone through and cleaned or put somewhere else (or disposed of).   Which means I grabbed the deck I can find at the top of the pile, To make a long story short. lol.   


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I played some more with the bird oracle and then decided to switch it for another deck this week. I’ll still be using the herbcrafters but I’m pairing it with the dark goddess deck instead (originally a tarot but I made it into an oracle).


Cards for today:




Willow is one of my favorite trees. I love making tools from it! 


The goddess of today is:




I will study the big pdf guidebook for this deck too as the booklet is very thin (what you see above is all there is about this card). The mass produced edition of this deck is said to include a big guidebook so that will be nice. But I’m not keen on what they did with the borders/titles. It gives you less of the art and it would be very hard to trim. I have two copies of the indie version - one with full borders and one with just the goddess names at the bottom. That’s the one I feel drawn to the most. I think this deck would have been great as ‘just’ an oracle because some of these goddesses feel a bit force fitted into the tarot structure and you only see certain aspects of them that way. As an oracle you can work with any and every side of each goddess. 

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This week I'll be using the Sacred India Tarot, a deck and book set created by Rohit Arya with Jane Adams and published by Yogi Impressions. Along with it, I'll be using Theresa Hutch's Land Sky Oracle: A Journey Through Patanjali's 8 Limbs of Yoga, now published by U.S. Games. Today's draws are the Wild Card (Fool) and Aparigraha:


          The Fool is illustrated with Rudra, a Hindu god of wind, storms, and wild beasts. Known as the 'Howler,' he was indeed a force of nature. His lack of fear definitely feels like the Fool, who moves through life with the kind of trust that does not expect certainty. In the words of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, "Faith is what moves people to great achievement that defies probability and predictability. Faith is not certainty. It is the courage to live with uncertainty." Aparigraha, the 8th Limb of Yoga, means non-attachment. While this does not mean we shouldn't enjoy things, it is a caution that we can easily get caught in fear of lack, greed, or frustration when we don't get (or keep) what we want. The Fool is a good teacher of how to act without being attached to expectations.


One who is free from attachment, who does not support egoism, filled with fortitude and enthusiasm, unperturbed in success and failure, such a doer is called sattvic [cheerful, not easily disturbed].

~Bhagavad Gita 18:26


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Mystical Manga



I received this tarot deck as an early birthday present and it honestly was never in my line of sight but I'm glad I got it. I do have anime binging periods so the style is up my alley.

What I usually do when I get a deck that I plan to use is to go through it and pull out any cards that I highly adore/am attracted to as well as any cards that I don't like/repulse me

I didn't get any cards that I dislike or repulse.




Her face just draws me in! There is something hopeful about it that draws me. I usually associate hope with other cards like the Star but it just jumps out to me in this one. Like with patience and timing, things can happen with effort




Nine of Wands

Usually the figure is among the wands but it's like she's standing on top of the wands, waiting for a challenge.  She controls fire and it like she's saying that she is control of her own fate. It's very powerful to me.


Ace of Wands

I see power and seduction here! Power can be seductive.


Ten of Wands

This card always means burden to me but here I just see a hardworking woman doing what she has to do.



Ten of Swords

One of the less violent versions of this card. It's like a peaceful ending.  I think it's the serenity I'm drawn to.


Seven of Swords

"Damasareta!" is what it shouts to me when I see when I look at it. In Japanese, it's like "I've been deceived" or "I've been cheated (by you)."  But although the girl has the swords and has seemingly gotten away with it, that's not completely true. Maybe the eyes are someone who knows what she's done. Or maybe it's her on conscious telling her deep down she knows what she did is wrong.



Ace of Pentacles

This deck has really beautiful aces. I like how bountiful and giving it comes across.


Nine of Pentacles

I always like this card in every deck because it's something that I want to be: successful and confident! This card has that but something else too: peace. Inner peace. I never thought about what I'm truly at peace with.



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11 hours ago, Bodhiseed said:

Welcome to the DoW group, @QueenOfSpades! Your avatar is lovely. 

Thank you 🙂


To sum up my day I pulled Judgement:



I'm always questioning if I'm doing the right thing and if I'm supposed to be doing something. I have been questioning the questioning so this card is telling me to just do what I want to do 🙂

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Working with the Tyldwick is always a wonderful experience, insightful, and engaging. It, too, is one of my favorites. The images are worlds upon themselves.

The Crystal Mandala Oracle is an Alana Fairchild deck. Over the years I have come to prefer indie decks, but the Crystal Mandala is one I have used a lot when I first got it many years ago. I am still fond of it.

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I’ve been asking specific questions to the Herbcrafters tarot , to see how well it works in that regard. And so far, I’m really resonating with it. I got the Madre of Earth (again) as advice in a certain question. I pulled a card from the Green wheel oracle to expand on the reply and it was perfect. They don’t only look great together but really complement each other in their meanings. I have tried several decks in combination with the herbcrafters and I feel that it is the kind of deck that works with a wide variety of decks. 





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