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Tarot Netivot Star of the Week Reading Sunday September 17 - September 23, 2023

Natural Mystic Guide


Star of the Week reading
Sunday September 17 through Shabbat September 23, 2023


This reading gives us insight into specific energies that we can focus on during specific days of the upcoming week as well as throughout the entire week as a whole.

Today’s reading will use the The Fifth Tarot deck created by Martien & Teressena Bakens.




Here are our focal points for meditation:


Sunday:        How Can I Express Generosity?                                        The Queen of Pentacles         ‘Earth Mother’

Monday:        How Can I Set the Emotional Tone for My Week?           Eight of Pentacles                  ‘Mastery’

Tuesday:        What Do I Want to Manifest?                                            Five of Wands                         ‘Activism’

Wednesday:    What Wisdom is Coming to Me?                                     XIII                                           ‘Transformation’

Thursday:        What Do I Want to Develop?                                           Six of Swords                          ‘Movement’

Friday:        How Can I Connect with Romance, Friends and Nature?  Six of Cups                              ‘Inner Child’

Shabbat:        How Can I Rest?                                                                 Nine of Fruits                          ‘Independence



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