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Tarot Astrology Rosh Hashanah 5784 Jewish & Western Hermetic Correspondences

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I am kicking off my Tarot Time Board that will look at Tarot in relationship to Astrology in the Western Hermetic tradition; and Tarot in relationship to the Hebrew calendar according to my Tarot Netivot system.  This corresponds to Rosh Hashanah the upcoming Jewish New Year.


Questions, comments and feedback are welcome.


The top line features Tarot cards as they relate to today’s Western Hermetic Astrology using primarily the Tabula Mundi Tarot Silver Edition by M.M.Melleen.  This works with the Solar Calendar.  These are the correspondences that Benebell uses when working with the SKT and astrology.


The bottom line features Tarot cards as they relate to the Hebrew calendar according to Tarot Netivot.  I am using the Lurianic Tarot by Basilikon — one of the few truly Jewish Tarot decks out there and certainly the most beautiful; and the hand painted Illuminated Tarot Starlight Rainbows edition.  This works with the Lunar Calendar.


The middle cards are animal, crystal, and plant correspondences according to T. Susan Chang in the book ‘Tarot Correspondences’.  These are tied to the Major Arcana cards as they appear in Tarot Netivot representing each Jewish month,  Jewish holidays, and major lunar and solar events.  These are taken from various decks in my collection.


I find it useful to have this information available at a glance.  Plus I am very interested to see any possible correspondences between the two systems.  Today’s iteration holds one correspondence:  The spider that ties to the  (powerful feminine archetype) Gevirah in Tarot Netivot on the bottom row appears on the Hermit card — the Major Arcana card that ties to Virgo in the upper row.


Existing cards will be exchanged with new incoming cards as the wheel of time turns.  Lunar phases change every 3 - 4 days; decans change every 10 days.  Months change every 28 - 31 days.  Note:  I am working with 2 different systems to mark the months, one solar and the other lunar.  I shall try to post a new board every time there is significant movement.


Big thanks to @Nemia for the inspiration.  They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery.  I hope that she agrees.

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This is fantastic!!! First of all, Happy New Year, Shana Tova, and may it bring many blessings. I'm happy that I have time off for the holidays and can read up on Tarot Netivot. Very inspiring. 

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Natural Mystic Guide

Posted (edited)

2 hours ago, Nemia said:

This is fantastic!!!

Thank you Nemia.  Ever since I saw your boards, I had to do it myself.  It is so helpful to be able to look at all of the connections!  Next time I will not take the picture in the sun and the card images will be more clear.  I do a free Tarot Netivot newsletter every week that you can subscribe to on my website.  I have not written a book or anything.  Also it is an ever evolving system.  I teach classes about it.  Each Tarot card has a place on the Jewish Wheel of the Year.  Shanah Tovah!

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