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Deck of The Weeek: Sign-up Thread: Week 168 : September 26 - October 2


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This thread is for those who would like to work through their collection of decks.  Each week we will be picking a deck (or decks) to work with for the week.


All are welcome. Please join us!      The only rules we have are the Tarot Tea & Me rules; be respectful to each other.    


You can drop in and out,  time and real life permitting.   New to tarot?  Long time reader?   Come on in.  


1. Please post with your chosen deck for the week.


2. Chat away about your deck, how you're finding it etc., or NOT - it's all up to you.  




1.  TheFeeLion - Tarot of the Divine

2. Gardner - Murder of Crows then after October Tarot of Sweet Twilight

3. ballerina - Guardian Tarot

4. Madame Squee - Trick or Tarot plus Trick or Tarot Lenormand

5. Amberjune - Wayfarer Tarot & the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards

6. VGimlet - Magical Nordic Tarot

7. Bodhiseed - Russian Lubok Tarot paired with the Marseille Oracle

8. vulprix - Cat Tarot




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I'm in again this week with my Tarot of the Divine 😁 I'm going to try something different with a deck bond challenge. I think I found it through Instagram? Nope, good ol' Pinterest lol I did it a while ago with one of my other decks, with a lot simpler imagery, so it'll be interesting to see how it goes with this deck... 


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Hello DOTWers,


I am really enjoying this little club of people who have a crazy collection of decks.  I feel right at home!  This week I am going to get to know Murder of Crows (thanks Madame Squee!).  But I think on October 1 I am going to switch to Tarot of Sweet Twilight and do the 31 day challenge that TheFeeLion posted here.  It looks wonderful!  It will definitely be a challenge to stay focused on one deck for 31 days, but a fun challenge.


Fee, do you think for the open-ended questions we are supposed to draw a card?  Like for example "bluest card" clearly requires you to look through the deck and choose a card.  But some of the other questions are more like conversations - "your deck introduces itself".  Would you draw a card for that day?

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5 hours ago, Gardener said:

Fee, do you think for the open-ended questions we are supposed to draw a card?  Like for example "bluest card" clearly requires you to look through the deck and choose a card.  But some of the other questions are more like conversations - "your deck introduces itself".  Would you draw a card for that day?

When I did this last time I drew a card for days 1-13 (minus 9 and 10), all the rest I chose. I actually didn't have the patience to do this over a full month either, I think I ended up doing it in a couple of days 😂 it's what I plan on doing again with this deck too

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I'm in with the Wayfarer Tarot by Stacy Salpietro-Babb and Margaret Shipman and my oracle of the week will be a real oldie, the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by D.Virtue.


Wishing all of you a great week

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You are all quite welcome for the new thread. 


After the unexpected arrival of a deck I forgot I'd ordered I'll be using it this week - the Magical Nordic Tarot.  I also ordered a few decks I missed.   Now I can't order anything until January of 2021, I go on a small moratorium from October to January so I have SOMETHING to put on my holiday wish list besides. "Amazon Gift Card"  and iTunes gift card.   LOL.  


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Deck Bond Challenge time! 😊 

I've already decided I'm not doing this in any particular order. So here are the first six cards I've chosen with the figure/story in brackets... 


Most waterlogged - Queens of Cups (Jemoja) 

Driest - the Wheel of Fortune (Anansi) 

Coldest - Five of Coins (The Little Match Girl) 

Hottest - Seven of Coins (Nanahuatzin) 

Darkest - Three of Wands (The Enchanted Pig) 

Lightest - Judgement (Sun Wukong, the Monkey King) 

Bluest - Five of Cups (La Llorona) 

Reddest - Death (White Bear King Valemon) and the Tower (Rapunzel) 


8 down 22 to go











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Note to self: take daytime photos!
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Time for the next lot. I've tried to choose only 1 card for each "day" but as you'll see it's not that easy! I'm also trying to go for different cards instead of having the same one for multiple "days". 


Featuring a building: Nine of Wands (Vasilisa the Beautiful - that's Baba Yaga's house in the back) 

Smallest creature: Six of Coins (The Woman Who Was Kind To Insects) 

Dreamiest: Fool (The Little Mermaid), The Hanged Man (Sleeping Beauty), The Moon (Princess Kaguya), and Nine of Swords (Oedipus - that's the Oracle at Delphi)

Featuring love: The Lovers (Beauty and the Beast), The World (Hinemoa and Tutanekai), Four of Wands (Mohini and Aravan), Two of Cups (Enkidu and Gilgamesh), Nine of Cups (Taj Al-Muluk and the Princess Dunya), and Ten of Cups (Julnar the Sea-Born) 

Winged creature: Eight of Wands (Rainbow Crow), King of Wands (The Phoenix), Three of Swords (Crane Wife), and King of Swords (Griffin)

Angriest person/being: 10 of Swords (Sedna) 

Featuring poverty: Eight of Swords (Donkeyskin) 

Featuring abundance: Seven of Cups (Aladdin), and Nine of Coins (The Legend of the Watermelon) 







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This week I'll be using the Russian Lubok Tarot, created and self-published by Eugene Vinitski and Sergey Savchenko. I'll also be drawing from the Marseille Oracle, a deck created and published by Lo Scarabeo with a little booklet written by Isa Donelli. Today's draws are the Four of Cups and Fortune:


          The Four of Cups card shows a man lying in a puddle that he could easily get out of but doesn't. Sometimes it's easier to feed our apathy and melancholy with self-centered thoughts than it is to get moving. His friend in a boat keeps throwing life preservers at him - typical of people who want to help but just don't know how to do it. Eventually, he'll figure out that no one can help people who aren't ready to receive it. The Fortune card shows a barrel that could be full of anything. It is like waking up in the morning, not knowing what the day ahead brings. But one thing is for sure: whether we think the day ahead will be awful or will be good, we'll be sure to find it.

Wise hope is not seeing things unrealistically but rather seeing things as they are, including the truth of suffering—both its existence and our capacity to transform it. It’s when we realize we don’t know what will happen that this kind of hope comes alive; in that spaciousness of uncertainty is the very space we need to act. Yes, suffering is present. We cannot deny it. Wise hope doesn’t mean denying these realities. It means facing them, addressing them, and remembering what else is present... 
—Joan Sutherland
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Beautiful decks, @TheFeeLion and @Bodhiseed!!


I just did a reading for myself regarding a sticky social situation with the Cat Tarot. I received this deck as a gift last holiday season, and have only this week begun to read with it “seriously” and not just peruse the images. I am finding it a fine reader! Not the easiest or most intuitive for me, but it provides so much food for thought that I am really impressed.


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Thank you, @Bodhiseed! I agree. I love the Tarot of the Pagan Cats but this one is really good for a bit less RWS adherent fun!

Funnily enough, they have recently summoned a kitten into my life! Not my own, but one that my family found that I get to play with 🙂


I have to agree about @TheFeeLion’s deck too, just gorgeous. But I expect that it would take a lot of study as well!!

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@vulprix I got the Beneath the Moon book at the same time which has abbreviated versions of all the stories (one page of writing and a full page image for each). So it's not as much studying as you would think. Even if you don't have the book a quick Google search will bring up anything you might feel you're missing. 

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Hello DOTWers,


I just want to say that the Murder of Crows, although dark, is an awesome deck even for non-shadow work.  My teenager gave me their first adult reading with this deck a couple days ago, and the cards were really intriguing and the interpretation was really different from what I would have said.  The question was the style of leadership I should bring to a small church discussion group, whether to keep people focused on the topic or let them socialize at will.  And my opinion, which of course I saw reinforced in the cards, was that I had to be a disciplinarian.  But my teenager's interpretation (they drew the Fool and the World), was that we should always be starting with beginner's mind and not worry about the past, keep it fresh and new every week, with a new topic.  The third card was Knight of Pentacles, so they suggested I be a little bit of a task master, to minimize, although not eliminate, socializing.


So the cards were beautiful, in their dark way, and my teenager felt very connected to them.  I think I may have lost ownership of this deck!


Today I move onto @TheFeeLion's 31 day challenge, with the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight.


Speaking of enabling, my copy of Tarot of the Divine arrived Tuesday, but I'm waiting to open it until I finish the challenge with Sweet Twilight. So many beautiful new decks!  So little time!

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Here's the next part of my challenge... 


ETA: I pulled all the cards first then read them


Deck introduces itself 

King of Wands: The Phoenix

Ha! I think we all already know its a real charmer lol! It's also honest a flexible, but there's a sense of volatility about it too. 


What it needs from me

Nine of Swords: Oedipus

King of Coins rx: Hah-Nu-Nah - the World Turtle 

Hmm it seems like it doesn't need much from me. I don't need to be strong like the Turtle, I just need to let it do it's thing and go forward with love instead of letting my fears control me. 


The kind of readings it prefers

Two of Wands rx: Janus

Seven of Coins rx: Nanahuatzin

Anything to do with indecision, doubt, feeling stuck, setbacks, delays. It would also help with seeing further than what is right in front of me. 


Greatest strengths 

Two of Coins: Rhpisunt

Three of Cups: Apsara

Duality, balancing the opposing forces in life, celebration. Good for using with friends and others. 


Greatest weaknesses

Three of Coins rx: Banjharkri and Banjharkrini

Apathy, lack of goals, willfulness.

And to a lesser extent

The Chariot: The Three Princesses of Whiteland

Rushed decisions. 


Nature of collaboration 

Nine of Wands rx: Vasilisa the Beautiful 

It's an easy one. I won't need to struggle to find meaning in the cards. It won't all be smooth sailing but I'll get there in the end. 


Read with this deck for others?

The Hanged Man: Sleeping Beauty 

Ha! It made me laugh getting this card. I wanted an upright for yes or a reversal for no. This upright card looks reversed to me so I have to consciously think "no that's the right way up!" I think the deck is having a joke at my expense 😂 I already knew the answer was yes. It like the deck is saying, as it rolls its eyes with a cheeky smile, "why did I have to get stuck with such a simpleton? Here's an answer for you, as if you really needed one... Do what you want" 😂


What it thinks of me

Ace of Coins: Jack and the Beanstalk

Is it making a height joke?? 😂

Either that or it's comparing me to magical beans... 


Deck's favourite card

King of Swords: Griffin 

Four of Swords: Fenrir

The 4S might have been my least favourite but the deck certainly disagrees! 


Deck's least favourite card

Queen of Cups: Yemoja

The deck seemed very reluctant to give me a least favourite. I associate quite a bit with QC in general and often see it as a card pointing at me. I think this may have been another playful poke in my ribs as if to say "oh if I must choose a card," *throws this one out along with a cheeky grin* "satisfied? You know I love you" *wink* 😂


Name the deck wants

Six of Swords rx: Danae and Perseus

Definitely got the impression it prefers Danae over Perseus. Although Medusa would work as a pet name if I want to call it that. Probably only if its annoying me... 🤔😉












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