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My intro

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Hello everyone, 


I have been a watcher of Tarot for many years and have recently taken more interest in it. I am here with the desire to learn all I can and offer help where I am able. I am currently looking to find a good book that will help me along on this path and will look at the recommendations on this forum. 




Current decks I picked up based solely on art alone are:

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guidebook by Kim Krans

Dark Mirror Oracle by Riccardo Minnetti

The Black Tarot by Victoria Iva

Yggdrasil: Norse Divination Cards by Haukur Halldorsson and G. Hauksdott



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Hi and welcome to TT&M @Gunr2147!


The Wild Unknown is based on the Rider Waite system. If you're sticking with decks based on the RW, here are some recommendations for books to look up and see if you think you'll like them: 


- 78 Degree's of Wisdom, by Rachel Pollack 

- The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals, by Mary K. Greer (upright and reversed card meanings)

- Tarot Tells the Tale, by James Ricklef







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