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8 of Swords as a General ADVICE


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16 hours ago, Chariot said:

That being said, nearly every deck has at least one card I don't much like, or don't feel depicts the card the way I would interpret it.  So I try to ignore THAT card's design and just stick with the usual RWS-deck meaning for it.   For example, I don't like the 10 of Cups in the Anna K Tarot—it just depicts a woman with closed eyes and a Mona Lisa smile standing in a flowery meadow surrounded by 10 cups.  No hint of family, home, or any context at all.  There isn't a lot of difference between that image and the 9 of Pentacles, in my opinion.  I think the author/designer missed the boat on that one, but the other cards in that deck are SO good, I just revert to the 'happy home' image that is standard with the 10 of Cups when her version comes up in a reading.


ACTUALLY I particularly like that card. Because people CAN be happy in their own "family" of one, and all the "partner lots of kids pretty house and a dog and a cat" etc have always felt to me to deny that as a positive possibility. Singlehood can be totally happy and fulfilling.

A killer card for me is Granny Jones' Justice. It looks to me as though the artist had all the cards ready to print and suddenly thought  "WAIT I forgot Justice !" and scribbled it in 2 minutes.



Oops but this is a bit :170:

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