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study the celtic cross, how, advice, why perhaps.


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the common at least far as i know advice today is for a person to start with 3 card spreads before moving on to 5, 7 cards etc.. as the more skill you are the more you can add cards almost like you are leveling up in a video game..

for many the celtic cross may seem old school, an perhaps out of its place old throwback to a time where there wasn't much knowledge made about spreads so you had to do with what you got in the books or little white book . 

most of your information back in the day before internet and tarot ideas became wide spread ,, the lwb had to have a spread you could use !  so that is how imo,, the celtic cross became the go to spread..

over time you see more and more spreads though in books,,like I remember looking at all  the spreads in the arturian book and being amazed.. then eventually you power tarot spreads.


if one does a search like i did on tarot spreads you actually see good one listing,, the one i am talking about power tarot came out 20 years ago in 1998.. and i saw one even earlier then that from 1985 by sandor konroad called classic tarot spreads..

so with all these spreads out there, why do you need the old celtic ?


by studying the celtic cross,, you see a logical way to build a tarot reading as..the idea behind using the postions are like you are building a case.. and at the end of the reading you have the facts sort to speak. when i was learning most of the books had sample readings done with the celtic cross so i read those like the bible. so i could try to learn to do the best reading I could.




it would seem you had an alteration with an authority figure in your life time and this cause you to give up on some dreams.. that you are just recovering from..

so this mental block is blocking you .



an woman you highly respect (why she is the high priestress, could be a femaine man ) has really help you change your out look on life over the past year and half.. howeverit would appear that she or he hasn't been receptive of late to your messages.. you wonder where you go from here.



you don't want to hurt anyone, so you been keeing your thoughts to yourself, but you see a person who is very beatiful inside and that is reflect in her natural beauty. she is doubting herself and you as teacher is finding hard to help this person and that breaks your heart.



you have made peace with your mother figure..

you realize she did the best she could, and the jsutice reversed indicates she isnt't holding it against you when you were difficult in your teen years..  you are realizing she loves you more then you know. (i hope ) . this one is hard to read.so going on the strenght of the queen of cups. oh it could be that she needs your strength to know how much she meant t you.



you will meet with a soul mate , from  either this past life . or this life but you will grow in love and life..

and that will affect your desires for you tube channel.


0. soul message

four of pentacles.


the soul is reminding you to look after yourself. work on aligning your chakras for the coins are strong for you to be connected to the earth,, the root, and your heart is covered (perhasp a bit much) ..however there is no spiritual light going to the crown, or the third eye.so that is your next step.

this si the emperor manfiested in the phyiscal world indicating you are taking power over your life..

there is a man with glasses who you respected that approves of you.


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in the early books (I do not know about now in modern books ),

before you started to do your celtic cross,, you would learn about the signifactor.

the idea was that it would hold the energy for the reading..


the first idea is to use astrology to pick the court card..ok I understood that.. (as it was a rule.. I thought )

then you could use the person's physical description to pick the court card ( black hair swords,, young people knights ).

then if you didn't now, eventually it was taught in books you could pick a card to hold the energy,, perhaps an emperess  for mother questions,, or devil card for seeing who is after me (as they used to be for prediction only eh).


I do not use signifactors as I feel that is an card that could of been used in the spread but before I stopped it the card as that.. I used to choose the card randomly then i felt i was getting two heart of the matters so i moved it to the end as a wish card and it worked as a charm ever since !.


I didn't like the term wish card,, instead I chose the soul message card.., or a message for you from your spirit guide.

this card you draw first !!!! and turn it over last !!


so i draw the card first seperately, keep it face down ,,and reshuffle the cards and split the deck. then i start reading for the second cut through the celtic cross.. and turn over the soul card at the end. 

imo it shreds lights on dark readings,, and offer more insights perhaps a warning for postive readings.. it almost never fails me.  (to my knowledge ).


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ok guys here is my problem .. I CAN NOT RIFFLE !, I looked at your tube videos, had various friends show me,,

so I am handicapped in that regard.. so I had to improvise..

but first I read in some old book that you shuffle the cards with your opposite hands for it was supposed to be the devils hands. (hey I was like 17 ,, and I figured I guess.. !)..

but later on it was because it actives the other side of your brain,, the inutative side. (dont' know what a two handed person would do though )..

so I taught myself to shuffle with my left hand so people ask me if I am left handed and I said no,, all I can do is the left hand shuffle..

I tried various methods,, now I just turn the cards away so I see the back of the cards and I move them front to back so I don't have to worry about seeing the cards.

now and then 

i turn them over face up split them into 3 packs,, and lay them upright for 3 cards, reversed for 3 cards.. (as i use reversals ) until all 78 cards are divied up.. then i pick up each 3 pack and shuffle them before putting the cards back ..

and i resort to regular shuffling method .


I then put the deck down, use my left hand to cut the cards into 3 piles (the old past,present, future cutting method ) i pick the cards back together , cut it once for my soul card.

i then repeat the method ,, and once i cut it once again,, i use that pile for my reglar spread where it would be the celtic cross.


i find that if i talk or think of something while shuffling,, i can' really cut the deck well so i reshuffle,, (in live situations i say i got my mind off your question so i have to refocus as i shuffle ).


optional prayer method..

before talking about the prayer method,, i used to have my client shuffle the deck,  and before that when i was learning i woudl have them pick each card by the fan, hand heat method which took too long,, so i cut that part out..

and so when they went to shuffle they found it hard to shuffle with their left hand..

i dont' know ,, maybe 4 years ago now, i suddnely started doing the prayer method.


the client holds the cards like they were being offered horizontially across both hands , and say

"dear creator , please bless this cards, look after my loved one,, give me answers through your guidance , and give me courage, thansk for my heart.

they do this before i start shuffling the cards,, handing them towards me vertically instead of the way they were holding them.


when I read for you on the forum, I do the prayer myself for both of us, before I start shuffling.

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my celtic cross evolved..

I didn't  like some of the meanings at the beginning so I did this..

0. soul message (read at the end of reading)

1. the heart of the matter

2. the opposer.

3. this is beneath you (your subsconsicous )

4. this is behind you (your past)

5. this is above you (what you soul is trying to tell you )

6. this is before you,, (your possible future)

7. this is yourself (you )

8. this is affecting you (your oustide energies like friends, job,, anyting really )

9. what you need to know  (in almost every variation this is hope and fears but upon looking at celtic cross pictures i saw this and said it must be)

10. the outcome.

11. optional clairifer



                      10  11


    5                9


4  1/2    6      8


    3                7


if there is a future card,,or this is before you,, why is there an outcome card ?  the future is multifacted and the future is not set in stone,, you may change the future with the outcome card decsion and thus negate the future card.

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when you turn this card over when doing a live reading it should resonate with the client..

especially as you explain it (as most people will be getting their tarot readings for the first time ).

the main thing is ,, if this is off then the rest of the reading in theory will be off..


some things that could make it go off the rails.. in live readings..

1. the client is shocked aka forgetful.

2. the client is trying to be  close mouth as not to give to much informatin.


in general somethings that could make it go off.

1. the true quesitons wasn't asked

i remember one time i was doing a reading live and after i was done.  they said "i wanted to know if my business idea would work ".  i remember one time i was doing a reading on a forum,, and they were disappointed and admitted if they told me what they were looking for ,,it would of been better.


2.. not enough information was given before hand.

if they were straight,, , suprisingly enough that has never come up for me in live situations just in the forums where people are more open about themselves so be more willings to seek same sex relationsips.

this part is important for trying to relate court cards.


so generally ,,

minor arcana would mean an event , aka 5 of swords,, he lost a duel of wills,, 6 of pentacles,, he wants to helps out others possibly start business.


court cards means people (generally) so page of cups reversed,, concernned about interacting with his child.. but what if there is no people connected..i had that happened to me in live sitations,, once or twice..

so you have to be ready to use an elemental bassis,, page of cups means phyysically he has to leanr to express his heart..

queen of swords reversed,, his heart is at war with his mind,, and that is why he is angry..


major arcana.

these are usually right on, let us say we got the devill right off the bat..  why he is trouble facing his fears., possibly worried about a person addictions. (inutiion comes into play as we know every card reading is sitatuional ).

the tower,, you have been going thorugh a period of rebuilding,, you know now there are some things that have to be handled. 


since I have nothing to read upon,, let me attempt a theory reading.. this is the type of reading you give when you ask the universe for guidance I guess. (let Saturn give me the correct term after ).


imagine there is a grand master tarot spirit guide out there and I am going to ask it..

"what is one of the best ways for a tarot master to learn better".


what tarot master ? we are all masters of the tarot,, I have bare minimum of qabalah, astrology, even numerology yeti can give some good readings. a person who may have master level of astrology using the tarot could be their gift. yet they not know anything say.. about psychology.

we are all psychic to some degree, we are just different in application and how we understand it..if we all developed psychic sense as kids I am sure society would be different today but I get off topic..


so I am going to read the tarot here in each post like it is talking to me through the tarot ! (keep in mind I am just a channel,, and have to filter though my life experience,, knowledge, your mentor would get different answers mostly but the guist of it should be the same in spirit ).


1. the heart of the matter.

five of cups.


at first this may seem to be confusing,, what to become better tarot readers we must feel pain ? , nay it is to come to terms with our own emotional loss,, so we can give the tarot information more impartially .

the reason for this is when the client starts crying (it happens,, one time I barely got through the heart card and the client started crying and so I sat there as not to make a big deal.. ).

another reason for our emotional healing is so we can feel with our empathic abilities what the universe is trying to say through the cards.  so our heart will be the key to opening up to the spirit as we by pass the mental blockages as our hearts will be more able to receive the message.

in a way the hierophant is manifesting in the emotional world and the hierophant teaches about what become before in regards to how society has regarded the light..

but society over time has changed and the hierophant must change to reflect that..

so we tarot readers must be willing to change with the times.. letting our growth through the tarot guide us to higher understanding. 

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I used to lay this card horizontally across the heart of the matter like in the book. but there was one reason why i had trouble with that..

i use reversals.. WHICH WAY IS REVERSED!.  I figured right was upright ,, left was reversed,, but that didnt' work for me..

so in the end up i just lay to the side that way i get full reversal power eeeh.

i used to call the opposer as helper,, yet when i reworked the cross for this post,, i decided to reduce it to opposer,, for that is the main issue , that the heart of the matter is opposed !


as before court cards usually a person blocking it,, minor event in the minor arcana,, this happened or is happening and you can't move forward.  and the major arcana speaks for itself. i think.


2. the opposer

king of pentacles


the spirituality in conjunction with the physical at first you may ask how is this opposing ?

well we get told "death doens't mean death " is one of the major teachings we learn or told when learning the tarot,.

word ?

in order for there to be a rebirth ,, there must be an ending.. so we hesitate to talk about the physical aspects of the tarot (at least some of us like me,, others are happy to make physical predictions i am sure ).

this also speaks to the old society,, that despite it being 2018,, and striving to move forward.. we still get haunted by the old mindsets of the past. the only thing that comes to mind right now is how we do not put the tarot to the test.. example i avoid making predictions. and the notion of using the tarot to manifest the future by manifesting is an techique i haven't used in a long time.

it could be also that a lot of the books we read,, could be blocking us as we give them all the power and forget our own talens.



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for the longest time I used this as the distant past card.. I figured since the this is behind you is the recent past,, and the future card spoke to immediate future,,

then therefore this is beneath you must be the distant past..

I found though over time the distant past was beginning to be marbled, I no longer liked the position,, I didn't use the cross for the longest time..


seeing it as subsconsciouness/unconsciousness has really changed the meaning ,the card has a lot of value now, for perhaps some movie you saw a kid has affected you,, or some tv show you saw recently is really in  your subsconsciouness.

so it no longer had to be a traumatic event.. though it could be,, of course for a true tramatic event would be both in our unsconcioness and our subconsiconess.


3.this is beneath you

the heirophant reversed


at first glance it is clear that we all seek to buck the rules !! to not conform(one of the book meanings for this card)! and not just the tarot rules.. we all seek to buck society rules,and by doing this , that is how we evolved. !

in ordinary numerology 5 is knowing freedom.. as the hieorophant is free from the reglar world in his safety of the church..

so by it being reversed  we no longer seek freedom but to know the world.

(think sister act when sister mary clarence convinced the nuns to leave their safety and go out into the neighbourhood to help out ). 

the key here is we are going against what has come before aka  what waite said is being transcended, and a true master of the thoth will do their teacing of do what thou wilt and get past the teacings to find their own inner truth.

perhaps it speaks to discerning our truths against all the many truths of differnt tarot, differnt teachings and not to see anyone as a guru.


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the recent past,, or now because I changed the distant past to this is beneath you in the unconscouness/subsconcioness ,, it no longer has to be the recent  past.. but THE past that is affecting you.

this will make it easier for you to relate to this position.


at this stage we must remember the general message overviewsince the heart of the matter has been healing, and overcoming the past.. so with that in mind when we look at the 4 , we must remember the general feel


4. this is behind you

world reversed


sometimes i must remind myself what the card is upright before doing reversals to kickstart my brain.. for me the world is to see the universal.. the world views by trying to be understanding and compromising.

with it reversed,,

we can let go of the nothing how a person reads the tarot in britan for example is better then how we read it here.. or how we read it here is better then how it is read in say russia.

just as we must overcome limitations,, we shouldn't limit ourselves to everything or we forget the base meanings in otherwords , in our efforts to see the whole forest,, we forget the unique tree in front of us.

so it speaks to minizing the tarot to its base form .. (at least to me,, as i feel a reading should be pratical ).

i would suppose that now the worldly borders are breaking down..

english books are coming into us , canada for the marsielles (new book coming out in the new year on it in fact ).

still first we must feel what the tarot means for us,, then we can learn other systems..




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for the longest time this was "the present !!"

but then what is what the heart of the matter is,, I remember seeing in the us games posters of the celtic cross the more higher meaning of this is above you but I resisted (I am stubborn virgo )..

so now I accept it,,

what it means basically is ,, the superconscioness, the higherself, your highest intents perhaps.


5. this is above you

queen  of pentacles reversed


going in a different way here,, then a person or an element..

instead the  reason why a person can't reach the higher teachings or do more inuitative readings is ,

their emotions are not harmonized with their body!.

the temperance card itself speaks of being receptive with its foot in the water and its foot in the earth.. and the star is the same with one foot on earth and one foot in the water.

so one may think our mind is blocking our connection to spirit but instead the tarot master is saying instead it is our lack of harmonzing our bodies (auric, physical, mental, spirit ) with our emotions (love , peace, calm ) in  order to receive truly the messages the tarot is meant to relay.

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almost self explanatory ,, this is before you ! , but when ? should it not be the outcome card ?

every time there is an outcome there is also an event that goes with , usually before so that is why this is here for.


6. this is before you

9 of cups


there has never been a better time to be a tarot reader,, you got information galore,, you got decks galore,, you can meet like minded individuals and perhaps fall in tarot love with each other,, (life long freinds not romantically ).

of course there is the shadow of the card,, who is going to party with me ? so you have to be discerning with what tarot friends you make for some of them are just for the party and not your real freind.. aka they just want free readings,, free tarot knowledge,, for yo to make their deck for free.

instead , you can make your own deck and it will be accepted. you can even write your own tarot book and get it out there.

what is the downside ?

well it is the hermit manifested in the emotional world so no matter what hapens ulimately you are alone with the tarot..

like the good old song "good time tarot reader got the blues "(instead of ggood time charlie ).

but until then what a ride..

let's talk about the buyers regret,, going back to the heart of the matter and the 5 of cups.. how many of us brought a deck and regreted it ? the struggle is real... so it also talks of moderation .


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the traditional is this is yourself. 

whatever appears in this card speaks to an issue you are going through or thinking,, it isnt' an outside influence,, or an issue of the past,, this is your inner struggle or inner desire .



7 of wands


it is important for you as tarot readers to maintain your self,, it is hard to do with so many social and spiritual tarot readings coming at you.. you should use reversals or not. this because i use reversals doens't means you should..

you should charge,, or you shouldn't,, you should only read for yourself or you should only read for others. 

you must learn the qabbalah, heck no.. or heck yes.

see you are sitting here going gee there is a lot,, and the tarot grandmaster says you have no idea..

but as long as you remain true to yourself,, and your own  personal truth you will be ok..



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this is whatever is affecting you from outside yourself.

be it family, friends, politics, work.

it used to be only friends ,, or family (I varied depending on what cross I used ) to now.


8. outside influence

ace of pentacles reversed


it is hard for us to start reading the tarot in the mainstream.. you have tons of people competing for the same consumer base..

it is even harder still for decks are now going out of print, and those that have them grin and charge in the many hundreds for them.

it is extremely hard for many to even pick up the tarot cards due to fear , due to lack of money or family support.

it is hard for people to come for tarot readings for those same reasons, fear,, lack of money ,

as the years go on,, this will of course be uprigth eventually,,

that people will embrace tarot teachings enough to think of them when they look at death, devil, addictin, lovers.


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this title is actally for me from the deck of a thousand spreads.

I no longer was happy with hopes and fears.. for while the tarot card did speak of fears of hopes..

I felt that this makes more sense. for there are many things we do not know and should know before we speak to an issue or make a decision.


9. what you need to know

six of wands


tarot has come a long way since the 70s.. we got lots of tarot decks, tarot is being seen on tv,, (bones, buffy, manitou the movie ) so eventually in the 2050s,, tarot readers will be seen in a new light. (it is my sincere belief we will see a tarot reader tv show eventually when there is another resurgence as psychic quality shows are falling it will come back again. ).


this speaks of the lovers manifested in the spiritual world,, lovers is choice,, which is a sword. so more and more people will begin to choose the tarot, and society will be more accepting.

the key though is on this card the man has his eyes closed ,, he isn't revelling in their cheers,, instead he is trying to be humble . 

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the outcome..

this should be ideally the outcome if we will fall inlove, if we will get the job.


and here it will speak to the outcome of learning the tarot

just to sum up from memory ,


we should be emoiontal healing ourselves, be willing to open up our bodies and emotions. (in a good way ),, accept that society is hard on tarot readers but carry on,, for eventually there will be a victory for tarot readers everywhere. we should be following our hearts,, which is why we were bucking the system earlier ..


10. the outcome

four of pentacles reversed


upright it speaks of be miserly with your energies,, hoard your tarot cards and woe by they who ask for free readings.. (lol )

but reversed we get a slightly different meanings.


while the tarot master says one must look after themselves they must remove their shields over their heart,, their feet chakas and above their crown center .. WHY ?


well it is so you can flow naturally with the light and the energy of the earth.. the shields have served their purpose , the pentacles as shield should now be shed ,,

for wands to be placed there imagine firey wands eh ?

but the true meaning of this is the pentacles remind on the feet ,, the cups go over your heart,, the spiritual wands goes over your crown center. !

well where is the sword ? the whole combination forms a sword of light.

the pentacles at the feet are the handles..

the heart chakra with is cup is the blade,,

and the wands on the crown chakra is the point ..

and the swords is the mental body for we use our imagining to reach upwards,, and to control our flow of auras.


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sometimes when we are confused about or by the outcome card, we can turn over a clarifying card (just one or you might as well turn over 10ish til you get the answer your want). the outcome will still happen,, if not the tarot is phoney eh eheh.. the clairifer will shed light on the outcome as well.


11. the clairifer



so by harmonzing our energies bodies as advised in the outcome card to become better tarot readers,, we remember the teaching of temperances and how to balance out the bodies.  this is the archangel rapheal,, it is throgh his divine healing power that we achieve this balance. 

of course let us talk about tempering,, and going back to the first card, 5 of cups..

the tarot reader will be tempered by failures,, hardships like trying to understand the tarot bettter,, admiting their weakness.. and so they like the swords will be harder and better able to cut through illusion and get to the truth..



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this is the last card ,, it was drawn first,, and has been kept face down this whole time.  :o

this has nothing to do with the reading,, it stands by itself.

that said , as we been though a ringer,, at least I have by looking at all this tarot from a high point of view.. this will usually give hope.


so beforei turn over this card i make sure in live readings that everything was clear and walk though the client though te reading again ,, asking did tis make sense,, , any questions about the cards.

(important to discern between additional questions for if they ask did you see money ,,or love,, i ask for more money for another reading ,, ).


this is emulated in the forum by giving feedback to the clients feedback, and even to their feedback of your feedback,, this will help you get bettter as you remember what you were trying to say, and clear up as much confusion as you can.


0. soul card.

ten of wands.


there is an old saying noting is given to you that you can't handle,even failures you can handle so you can grow better..

some of my own failures.

1. not getting the correct feedback. one person was telling , that was good, til i asked about something in the card til which they confess they didnt'understand it,, so that is where i started to give feedback to the feedback.


2.someone didn't tell me everything they had planned ,, and so i read the cards i said it would turn out good the way they wanted..  because of that, it was tragic. that took me year and half to get through. 


3. we have no power over people,, the tragic thing would of happen anyways..


4. we give away our power,, it is important to the people we have no power over their lives so their choices is what mattered.


5. people coming to me and saying your reading wasn't that good,, it is rare,, but it happened. at least 2 times.. that causes you to examine your process,, your ego..


there are also sucess you have to get used to.


6. people coming up to you years later and saying how great a reading you gave them. , (and even changing their tunes ) .


7. you will begin to know things you couldn't know.. and when you get feedback that back that up,,it put the hair on my arms,, and on my neck..

you may even get scaredof the tarot for a while , but remember when you are trying to give good guidance,,  you will sometimes acess the higher wisdom.



8. peopel will come to you for more then the tarot, you may help them as much as you can but remember you are usually just a simple tarot reader, and you have to know your limitations.



9. the tarot will change your life,, i am not talking about spending money on books, decks.. i am talking about how the teachings of it will shape your mind,, to see things a new..example at funerals i have more hope..and it help me get through some important fnerlas in my life.


10.finally you will relaize you are a powerful person.. whatdoes the guy do when he reads the tarot ,,hes smiles,, after he is done,, he puts the tarot away and goes about life..  so the tarot doens't have power over you,, just as you dont' have power over anyone else life.


i will come back and do the lines.. i am all beat now. :)


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                      10    11


      5              9


4  1/2    6      8


    3                7


if  you look at the diagram. you begin to see some obvious connections.





10, 11(only if you clairifer of curse)

so thinking of how to divide  up these lines into meaningful..i came up with .


37 past,,

you already have that what is beneath you,, and our selves are defined by our past.


4, 1/2  emotion

the emtional self would be focused on the recent past,, and how our present as the heart of the matter is present after all emotions are affected.


68 mental

the mental self would be focused on the future, and the outside influences affecting us.


59. spiritual

you already have that which is above, and what you need to know.. both come from the spiritual world. 

we achieved this by changing hearts and fears to what you need to know.


10 /11 the world

i thought about naming this the divine , however you already have the soul message as the divine message..

and i realized that it isnt' the creator who wants us to suffer,, it is the laws of the world and free will of people in it..

example worldy law,, there isn't an up without a down..

free will ,, try as we might we may never get a promotion due to favuritism,, or perhaps we are meant to work elsewhere.


so putting it into application from the reading i done so far.. and apply it to the topic to try to get an more indept look.


I should make it clear that this isn't numerology but the numbers combos are just horizontal lines.

the reason for the  4 1/2 , and 6 8 division as not to read as one big sentence is to divide up the line into more meaningful information. 


physical 37


the world reversed 7 of wands,


physically the person needs to learn to ground to connect to the world to ground themselves.yet let go of all worldy concerns as to be impartial..  it is important to do readings when you are able to hold back other concerns like your stress,, negative spirital influences (which is why in my practice i ground and charge up my aura ). 


emotional 41/2

world reversed, five of cups, king of pentacles

emotionally all tarot readers seek to do things their own way ,, even when adhering to the standard rules of the tarot for so we can change them to reflect what we feel, and believe.. if you look at waite he changed the order of justice and strenght card.. and if crowley himself changed the order of the tzaddi as it pertains to the star. emotionally it means no tarot reader has all the answers.. and are subject to human mistakes.

five of cups , hence as we evolve as tarot readers,, we strive to learn from our mistakes which seem like many ,, but notice the five of cups figure focuses on 3 major mistakes,, which they are unable to let go . and because they are not able to do so,, they are not  taking what they learned and moving on..

so emotionally we should strive for now to let our fire within, or our connection to spirit flow through into the physicall in our readings.. that means paying attention to physical impressions,, using our psychic ears, and visions and trusting in them.


mental 6 8

9 of cups ace of pentacles reversed

mentally we are striving to achieve all we can in the tarot ,,so we can welcome a person coming for a reading with all our cups to offer. (one cup would be our decks, one cup would be our knowledge, one cup could be our set up ).

think of what we do when we start a party,, we set ourselves up to give the best space for it,, clean the house,, get the best music.. etc.

mentally when we do the readings we should pick our bestmusic,  clean up ourselves ec.

however,, it is hard to achieve the phyiscal beginning we crave as tarot readers ..

imagine sylvia browne says she charges like 500 bucks at the time i read it in the book (could of been more ) but she paid the rent of a big building, a secetary,, plus she has to pay her mortage,, buy food, pays gas to travel.

so in reality we have to counteract what we in reality think is far,, and what we must charge in order to make a living..

so there is the true mental struggle within ourselves.


spiritual 5 9

queen of pentacles reversed, six of wands


spiritually our emotions are in conflict with our body for our mental upbringing has some trouble believing in angels, spirit guides,, the possibility that the spirit light is real.  it is one thing to be open to it,, it is another to say yes lt's do it.

(I read last night the author who wrote psychic healing would of took out spirit guides all these years later,,

and karla McLaren who wrote book your aura and chakras has sworn off her works..

and we can't forget Doreen virtue swearing off spirit guides and her spirit guides oracle to be more Christian ).

yet as you look at your six of wands,, the proof is in the pudding, as should celebrate humbly your victories as you read the tarot and realize there is more to it then cardboard.

(one thing I seek to do is avoid the ego,, aka I am always right to avoid that mentality,, or to avoid thinking I have all the power and to remember much of the messages come from the divine at least imo). 


the world 10 11

four of pentacles reversed temperance.

the world would like us to give away our gifts for free,, they as a whole look down on energy healers, and tarot readers who charge for their gift. 

when a person starts out reading the tarot they tend to undervalue their work ,(or over value their work ). 

I know when I first reading at the forum of atf,, I loved reading ,, learning,, sharing my gift,, doing two readings a day..

then I was feeling over worked,, over stressed,,.  my family member asked me " are you getting paid for your time ".

it is a struggle all tarot readers go through to share their gifts with the world.

the temperance indicates the world view on tarot readers is changing , there will be more people coming ..

conversely it indicates tarot readers should look at it in a wordly view.. what can we offer ,, for temperance points to a balanced tarot reader will be probaly best recieved.

balance for me means a well studied tarot reader,, who looks as spirit, psychology,, maybe masculine studies to relate to male readers before and feminity.


(funnily enough that,, in star wars light saber form that is totally balance as not to focus on attack or defense, were all whiped out at genosha battle.  it was considered the diplomat stance,, where jedi became too focused on wisdom..

so imo,, that is a kind of warning it is good to study the higer aspects of tarot like astrology and kabbalah, but  unless it can be pratical,, you will be whiped out . wy ?

your tarot reading will be all flowerly,, full of theory but what does it mean to the client.. they get overwealmed with too much informatio so they miss the meat and potatoes.. yet another reason for temperance when reading the tarot ).


as you can see doing this with the celtic cross forgoes the postions,, as you learn more combos . (this is called mirroring in the lenormand ). even then you start with the first card and move on to the next one.. i was able to do that for postions taught me how to build a story..


this second part of combos i just started to apply over the past year,, i was working on something like that when atf closed so this is a fresh take on it.


you could add in a diagonal  line..


the key line here is the possible future,, 


3 6 9,

but 3 deals with foundations from future to what you need to know

heirophant reversed, nine of cups, six of wands.

we turn away from the priest to throw a party and at the party we shall be victorious , (story)


this seems to give us advice when we are reading at the fair,, personal parities,, we can be socially victoriess,, if we let go of our knowledge and go with the flow.. it will be time to use our inuition and let the tarot works it magic by forgoing the bondaries.


5 6 7

and you got the above you , future to the self. 

abandon our femine self physical self to go to the party ,, will hold his or her own against those who would influence us.


that means we should be more proud of ourselves,, more self confident,, so when we go to thefestival we will do our best ,, and hold our own against those who may judge us..

that means at sometime or aother when you are at the fair,, pow wow, party , there will be a person or two who will judge you,, for being a tarot reader,, for charging money etc..

so instead of saying yes,, and take it,, we should be oppsite,, so that oppositeof pentacles is air,, and the opposite of queens is kings..

it is saying we should then be the king of swords !! ,, argue to any issue,, hold our ground and stay true to our spirit !. 


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some people are patterns readers so they will lay down the cards on a big table and try to get an overall picture..

for me that doesn't work, I instead turn over the cards one by one and talk to the client that way.

and you can see by the combos and lines,, you can add even more depth.

the key is to come up with a fresh approach for the lines and combos or you are just beating a dead horse..so you should follow your intuition,,and your imagination here..and you may even come upon more things that are revealed.


there is more books you can by on the celtic cross itself,, but this here I hope will provide enough insight for you to use it to grow..  give it a try eh.

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I really like your take on the Celtic Cross - particularly on the Hopes and Fears position. The idea that instead it's what you need to know really resonates with me. I feel that's something that was missing with this spread and I'm totally going to adopt it right away.


The rest of it I need to study a bit more. This has been a spread that has been with me for a long time, but one that I often wonder if I will ever reach a point where I can say I've truly mastered it.


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Thanks, Daniel.


I curious to know if you use reversals. All the numbers are at the tops of the cards, except 1, which throws into doubt the orientation of card 2 for those who use reversals. I don't, so it isn't really an issue for me, but I still always deal the cross head right.

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by studying the celtic cross you don't realize you have practiced various 3 card spreads  :o


0. soul message (read at the end of reading)

1. the heart of the matter

2. the opposer.

3. this is beneath you (your subsconsicous )

4. this is behind you (your past)

5. this is above you (what you soul is trying to tell you )

6. this is before you,, (your possible future)

7. this is yourself (you )

8. this is affecting you (your oustide energies like friends, job,, anyting really )

9. what you need to know  (in almost every variation this is hope and fears but upon looking at celtic cross pictures i saw this and said it must be)

10. the outcome.

11. optional clairifer



                      10  11


    5                9


4  1/2    6      8


    3                7


here are some various combos hidden in the spread

the inner cross


the horizontal line

4 1 6

the past, the heart of the matter, the possible future

you are trying to discover a mystery..

4 2 1

the past,, the opposer,, the heart of the matter(to find past information out)


the center line

3 1 5

the foundation, the heart of the matter, that which is above you

3 2 1

the foundation the oppose the heart of the matter (to find the root cause.)


the center going out

1, 2, 6

the heart of the matter, the opposer, the possible future

1, 2,  5

the heart of the matter, the opposer , that which is above you


then you have your diagonal

5. 6, 7.

this is above you, the future, the self

3 6 9

the foundation, the future, what you need to know.


then you have your vertical line.

7 , 8, 9

self, outside influences, what you need to know


8 , 9 , 10

the outside inflences, what you need to know,, and the outcome.

9 10 11..

what you need to know,  the likely outcome. what else you need to know (the clarifier)


you could letter L variations


4 1 6

the past, the heart of the matter, the highest goal attainable.

4 2 3

the past , the opposer, the foundation, (a real look at root cause)

the opposer could be replaced with heart of the matter.


3 2 4

the foundation , the opposer the foundation.

the opposer could be replaced with heart of the matter.

3 1 6

the foundation, the heart of the matter, the future.


5, 1 6,

above you, heart of the matter, the future

5, 2 , 4

above you, the opposer, the past.  this is interesting for you look at the highest good, then your blockages, and your past that affects you.


since we are using L variations ,, that opens up a new possibility for the positions of the future.


6. 8, 7.

the future, outside influences, the self. how the future will affect yourself growth.

6, 8, 9

the future, outside influences , what you need to know. 


you could reduce it further two card combos for some quick insight. if you look at the 3 7, 5 9, they just begging to be read together, you already did this in the physical, spiritual aspect but then we were reading them as physical , spiritual and not as positions.


3, 7

the foundation, self,


5, 9

the high energy, what you need to know.



but why stop there

10, 11

the outcome, clarifer


we could take any two cards in sucession.


1. 2

heart of the matter opposer, 

4 1

the past , the heart of the matter

1 5

the heart of the matter, highest goal


self, outside influences.


oppose, future ,


of course you will gravitate to certain combos that make sense to you.


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