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WHICH tarot deck do you use the...LEAST?


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What makes you think it has bad energy? and what knowledge do you have that it is a dark and dangerous zone?



Very simple answer I have :


For me, the "background" of various Tarot decks is very important. The person who created one or another Tarot deck is important. The history (step by step) of one or another Tarot deck – is important to me.

Occultists of the new formation (19-20 century) do not cause me to trust. They perverted the tarot – there are a lot of fraud and a lot of lies. And I don’t want to use the decks they have created. First of all: this is Etteilla, Eliphas Levi, Papus, Samuel Liddell  Mathers, and of course – Arthur Waite and Aleister Crowley. They turned everything upside down….Here I fully agree with Michael Dummett.


I like only one "pure occult" Tarot deck (not clone) ... This deck is not  is not generally known. And the creator of this deck is also known to very few people. He was no conjurer and charlatan, but he was an honest guy ( never set the world on fire). And was very talented. But don't ask me what kind of deck ...



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Thoth tarot.  I think the deck is visually stunning and feel like I should at least look through the cards once in a while for comparison sake but I have zero interest in the symbolism used, it's just not my cup of tea at all, for various reasons. 

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