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Too angry to be spiritual?

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i'm actually really happy that my post has allowed people to come together and share their "dark knight of the soul" i didn't expect it so that's a nice pleasant surprise thank you all :heartz:


i'm lost for words as i agree with a lot of the posts here, i really admire all the ways in which you guys handle your anger/pain. i usually go into hermit mode i don't like to be around people when i'm going through the motions lol

and evil thoughts meaning .... (punching someone, wishing an accident etc) i'm not proud of those thoughts, i hate them.  i'v just had a lot of unjust things done to me and i guess i'm worried it will turn me bitter, i'm fighting it everyday.

Like to make it clear there is a huge difference between doing it and thinking it.


i'v had a lot of disappointments (betrayal/backstabbing) that have fuelled my anger and slowly through spirituality i'm finding a middle ground. i'm doing some soul searching rn.


thanks for all the replies, it has helped  :heartz:

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