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Vibra Tarot


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I was sad that no one had written about this deck on the forum before and been following it's progress on instagram for months and ❤️ it, so wanted to show it some love!





The Vibra Tarot is a collage deck made by a tarot reader called Alice from Latvia. She has studied psychology and photography as a student and decided to make this deck out of digital collage.


from her statement about the deck, "This is a timeless and vibrant collage deck of cards inspired by nature, fairytales, sci-fi, The Rider-Waite-Smith, Ancient Egypt, and the Baltics".


I personally love the vibrant and colourful style, it's one of my fave artistic styles.


There is an instagram feed full of pictures here


The Indiegogo campaign to fund it is here. There are just 5 days left from today and it will be made even if it does not meet it's funding target but it's well behind at the moment which I find sad for such a gorgeous deck. If it is not funded it just will have less perks and just the the decks for the people who have requested it will be printed. I don't know where it is being dispatched from so don't know if we will get customs charges in Europe or not, I have ordered one so hope it comes from Europe to us 🙂


Each deck comes with a box and a sheet of meanings. There are options to order the deck, deck and matching pouch bag, deck and matching reading cloth or deck and both accessories. Also there is a cheap pledge of a full digital picture of any of the card images.


There is a video of the deck here.....



and some pics of it....







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