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What is your absolute go-to Tarot deck?


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Ooo... Not sure. D: I only have three, so...


Kiki Lala is the one I almost always reach for for daily draws. I've also recently found out it's great for squares and would probably be the one I'd choose for them (opinion could change as I start using my other decks for them, though. idk).


Starchild Akashic is the one I'd reach for for family members or others because its imagery is much gentler than Royo Dark Mini's (some sexual content not everyone would be comfortable seeing) and minors help with relating things to them (Kiki Lala's major's-only). Starchild Akashic has also proven clear to read for others, though I do sort of wish I had a separate deck of it to use for other people...


When it comes to personal exploration and shadow work, though, or for prediction I'm split between my Royo Dark Mini and Starchild Akashic. There is a distinction or pattern to which I choose for which question, but I can't put the nuances in feelings behind the questions into words. (Engliiiiish...why u suck with these things orz) At a push I'd probably say Starchild Akaschic for predictions and Royo Dark Mini for personal and shadow work. But even thinking about that makes me sad knowing that my main preference is whichever my gut tells me is right at the time of reading.


If the clock was ticking I'd literally just grab whichever felt right to grab in that moment, screw what I wrote above--gut takes priority. Not listening to it leads to bad things and frustration. o.O

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On 2/21/2019 at 9:18 PM, fire cat pickles said:


I know it's been a year, but maybe it's time to update.


Currently, my go-to deck is the Universal Fantasy Tarot:




Love that deck, especially 3 of Pents.

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Right now it’s Arcus Arcanum. Yes, I tore myself away from Viceversa for a bit. But AA reads so smoooth for me, always has.

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