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We Are One: The Big Guidebook


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The Fool

By Wanderer


At the beginning of every journey, there is a Cause. Why do we leave behind the safe and familiar, to explore the unknown? Why do we reach a point where we yearn to discover something new? It may be because we have outgrown our old lives, or we have been shown a view through a window that is too beguiling to ignore. For whatever reason, we realise that we have no choice; we must step down a new path, and the road is already laid out before us. That does not, however, make us any more prepared for what we will face.

In this card, the villager looks towards the distant mountains. A mysterious tower rises above the sea of trees, implying the presence of people, at least in the distant past... but the mountains beyond are aloof and untouched. A disused path leads into the forest, beneath a stone gateway that frames the darkness of the wilds. These stones are deeply symbolic, and represent gateways to the Underworld, or the Otherworld, or some place that has no name. Their meaning may be vague and lost in the hazy memories of generations past, but they are a threshold not lightly crossed. As if to reinforce the sense of warning, the standing stone bears a worn image of a dragon, the ochre pigment faded and covered by lichens. Beyond this point, there are dragons: the blank space on the map.

The villager has reached the age of questioning. The stones are ancient, and the path abandoned... so how do we know whether the warnings are true? How could anyone know what is out there, in that world of wonder and mystery? The clearance of the forest edge, and the burning... all is too tame and managed, everything is done in the same way, and it's getting boring. Tales of the dangers of the forest start to appear made up, and the dragon with it. What, our Fool wonders, is there really to fear? There is also the casual destruction around the village, the killing of the trees, and the mud; all is cold, and far removed from the romantic spirit of the wild.

The decision is already made. The path beckons, the mouth of the stone gateway calling, its whispers irresistible. The time has come, and nothing will deny that need to broaden the horizons. The Raven, an archetype of wisdom and transformation, watches and understands the need, knowing that another journey is about to begin. The Fool, though, has no understanding of the road ahead, and is equipped with almost nothing. Their clothes will be torn ragged by the thorns, and hunger and exposure to the elements will be constant torments. The new, polished staff is untested, and may be fragile, but is a memento of that familiar life of luxury and dominion over Nature. How quickly that memory may wash away, if the clouds portend a coming storm... or is that a new dawn, painting the sky the colour of hope?

The future trials matter not; the path is set, and must be trodden, for human nature demands it at some point in our lives. Wisdom and transformation are assured, but hardship may also be a part of the journey. Expectations are bound to be shattered, for the Fool has no understanding of the road about to be embarked on. There is no fear, though, due to the confidence of youth and the determination borne of a new vision. Although their naivete may lead them into many traps, they need not truly fear... for the Raven is also a symbol of protection and healing. Hard though the Fool's challenges may be, he will not let his charge come to permanent harm. Probably.


Notes. The emphasis in this card is on the inevitability of the beginning of a new journey, whether of the spirit, the emotions or of life itself. Whilst the Fool is naïve and worryingly carefree, this process of discovery must happen, and is always associated with uncertainty or peril. Only through these challenges, and the setbacks as well as successes embodied in the Tarot, can we gain in wisdom. This journey must happen, or we will remain incomplete.

The symbolism of the stone gateway is open-ended and complex. It resembles the trilithons of sacred sites such as Stonehenge, but also the much more widespread dolmens that were raised above important tombs. The darkness behind represents the unknown: a passage to a world where the familiar rules no longer apply, and where experience and understanding has to be built anew. Once past that portal, the journey must be completed, one way or another.

Much could be made of the human impact on the landscape. At one level, it is destructive,

clearing the forest and burning what is left, and shaping the remains of the trees into stumps. On another level, though, perhaps it is wise stewardship... the staff is straight, perhaps hewn from a coppiced hazel, a process that prolongs the life and health of the tree. That patch of clear ground offers protection and security, the ability to graze animals and prosper in peace. Is that wise, or damaging? That need to escape into the romantic wild... is that admirable, or simply foolish? Or is it both, at different stages of our lives?

The Dragon marking on the standing stone represents a warning, but also reflects a sense of awe and pride. Dragons represent extreme danger, but also power and the unknown; they command respect, and chieftains would often try to associate themselves with the dragon's glamour. There is usually an assumption of intelligence, but also self-interest; they can be reasoned with, perhaps, or appeased, but not easily conquered. The invocation of a dragon on the marker stone indicates both a pride in the significance of their place and people (worthy of a dragon's attention!), and a warning that all may justifiably respect. The age of the sign fits with the concept of dragons as being something from the past; an echo of a more heroic age when magic was commonplace. In short, it is a reminder and an invocation of mystery—a symbol of what may be, encouraging the will to explore, but only in those whose curiosity over-rides their fear.




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1. The Magician

By Morsoth


The Magician card is about the ability to recognize one's own infinite potential, represented here with the infinity symbol. The left side correspond to the past and the experiences of the Magician, filled with books and his knowledge obtained from previous mentors and ancestors, illustrated with a skull. The right side symbolizes its future. That portion of the wall has fewer details, leaving the emptiness to be filled with new actions. The window is the bright potential of the Magician, going into new adventures and unexplored areas of his life. The altar has magickal tools divided by elements and directions (wand, pentacle, chalice, athame) with representations of the four elements (incense for Air, a bowl of salt for Earth, a bowl of water for Water, and a candle for Fire). Two symbols associated with the Magician are present: the medallion has the Kabbalistic/Hebrew letter of Beth, and the symbol of Mercury is engraved in a rock. The hands of the Magician connects with the upper world and the lower world, a reminiscence of the macrocosm and the microcosm, closely associated with Hermeticism and underlies practices such as astrology, alchemy and sacred geometry with its premise of "As Above, So Below".



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2. The Seer 

By Arania


The Seer is the keeper of knowledge and wisdom and a reminder of your inborn ability. It is your decision what to take from her offers, and whether to use this knowledge for good or bad. The Seer indicates the need to evolve and learn, but also cautions against rushed or harmful decisions.


Reversed: You tend to let instinct and emotion run your life instead of taking responsibility and exercise control.





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3. The Empress

By Little Fang


Bast is a goddess of joy and fertility and is often depicted as a cat nursing kittens.  New life is created and nurtured, and through that, good things can be grown.  Explore the aspects of intuition and compassion in your life, and know that even the smallest of great things stem from one tiny seed.




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4. The Emperor

By Nemia


The Emperor rules his world as proud, benevolent father figure. Often supportive and helpful, he doesn’t appreciate criticism or resistance. Our inner Emperor is the archetypical voice of the Father: conscience, structure, determination, and authority. We can work with this power to give shape to our lives, accept responsibility, learn assertiveness and work within boundaries.


Artist’s statement

Medieval Emperors had great power but always had to struggle to keep it. The king penguin is a caring father. The card’s association with Aries and its ruling planet Mars explains its traditionally “masculine” character. In tarot terms, the Emperor has affinity with the suit of Fire/Wands/Clubs.




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5. The Sage

By Pen


This sage was inspired by a story within a story on Bagpuss, a children's television programme. I'd always believed it to be based on an old Chinese fable, but research indicated otherwise.

"Nothing here can be found elsewhere, and nothing needs to be; we are wandering among Marlowe's 'infinite riches in a little room' – the enclosed yet limitless play-world of the imaginative child."

In brief, this sage is the Wise Man of Ling Po, who lives on an island in a lake. He loves the turtles who are his only companions, unless one of the villagers of Ling Po crosses the bridge to his island to ask him a question, perhaps bringing him a gift in appreciation.

One day a villager brings him some turtle soup. the Wise Man is so angry that he leaves his island, destroying the bridge on the way. The villagers laugh as he steps off the bridge and destroys the last section. 'You are not the wise man of Ling Po,' they say, 'You are the silly man of Ling Po!' But their laughter turns to amazement and awe as he tells them never to eat his friends again and turns to walk across the water to his island, barely wetting the soles of his shoes, aided by the turtles, who pile themselves into an invisible bridge just beneath the surface of the lake.

"There's an explicit link to zazen in Yaffle's story of the Wise Man of Ling Po, who just wants to sit under a tree on his island, 'watching the leaves growing' and bowing to turtles."

I think he is indeed working on self-knowledge, although when consulting this particular sage one must do so with sensitivity and respect for his way of life.

If he appears in a reading, he could represent a wise teacher or indicate the need of withdrawal for a time of contemplation or meditation, a reminder to stand by or turn to friends in a time of need, or the value of retreat from a busy life to slow down and reconnect to the natural world.


Quotes are from: https://www.abccopywriting.com/2015/08/12/aspects-of-bagpuss

The video episode of Bagpuss, The Wise Man, may be found on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtJYQEm02oM



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6. The Lovers

By Day Soleil


The Lovers card can represent a moral or ethical choice, sometimes between two opposites, but many times between dreams that share so many similarities, we might not realize in choosing one, it will lead us down a much different path from the other. But when we’re newly in love with something or someone, we don’t always see straight. We might be focused so intently on our dream and how far away or close it is, we’re either in despair or elation. Lovers card is a reminder to stay grounded, and urges us not to lose an essential part of ourselves in the pursuit. If the love is real, it won’t remain a castle in the sky. It will come back down to earth and materialize as a truly supportive partnership. 


Keywords: passion, love, partnership, dream, focus, choice



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7. The Chariot

By Pen


A black stallion and a white mare pause momentarily to rear as they carry the charioteer on his spiritual journey. The black stallion represents the conscious mind and worldly concerns, as symbolized by the material Sun symbol on the front of the chariot. The white mare, together with the daylight Moon, which represents Cancer, is symbolic of the subconscious mind and the charioteer's spiritual quest.

For this brief instant the chariot is neither stationary nor moving. The charioteer must regain control, unite opposing forces and inspire his wilful horses to pull together in one direction.



Inspirations were Plato's Allegory (although there was no room for wings on the horses and the stallion is every bit as lovely as the mare!), the statue of the Delphi Charioteer (only I made him an older man, as my original efforts made him look more like a young Greek boy - Phæton perhaps).


'Plato paints the picture of a Charioteer (Greekἡνίοχος) driving a chariot pulled by two winged horses:

"First the charioteer of the human soul drives a pair, and secondly one of the horses is noble and of noble breed, but the other quite the opposite in breed and character. Therefore in our case the driving is necessarily difficult and troublesome."[1]

The Charioteer represents intellect, reason, or the part of the soul that must guide the soul to truth; one horse represents rational or moral impulse or the positive part of passionate nature (e.g., righteous indignation); while the other represents the soul's irrational passions, appetites, or concupiscent nature. The Charioteer directs the entire chariot/soul, trying to stop the horses from going different ways, and to proceed towards enlightenment."'

Quote from:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chariot_Allegory





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8. Strength

By Reall


In Elemental inspired Tarot is number 8 representing Guardian of Strength Infinite Struggle with oneself & different forces that make us including wild animal insects & wishes to be better & Do our Best We Can. It can also be seen as Rose fighting thorns as to say if you struggle fighting wild darker parts of nature you are afraid of you'll only hurt yourself & it's best to stay calm & try to find satisfactory solution without freaking out as that way you'll keep everyone including yourself safe


keywords meaning:

Upright: Strength, Force, Fortitude, Courage, Conviction, Compassion, Energy, Persistence, Mind Control over Passion & primal impulses.

Reversed: Weakness, Cowardice, Insecurity, lack of Selfconfidence, Despotism, Control.

Artist statement:
Card image representing fight against lion, common motif in the early hero stories including Greek Heracles, & symbolize victory over death and resurrection. Similar to iconography of goddess fighting evil in myths of old Egypt (Bast [1], Mafdet [2], Menhit [3], Pakhet [4], Sekhmet [5], Tefnut [6], and the Sphinx [7]) Mesopotamia (Inanna [8]/Ishtar [9]), Babilon, Asia & India mostly DURGA the warrior goddess, whose mythology centers around combating evils and demonic forces that threaten peace, prosperity and dharma [10] of the good.
These demonic forces are symbolized by Mahishasura as shape-shifting and adapting in nature, form and strategy to create difficulties and achieve their evil ends, while Durga calmly understands and counters the evil in order to achieve her solemn goals. Her icon shows her in action, yet her face is calm and serene. In Hindu arts, this tranquil attribute of Durga's face is traditionally derived from the belief that she is protective and violent not because of her hatred, egotism or getting pleasure in violence, but because she acts out of necessity, for the love of the good, for liberation of those who depend on her, and a mark of the beginning of soul's journey to creative freedom. 


Durga herself is viewed as the "Self" within and the divine mother of all creation, representing self-discipline, selfless service to others, self-examination, prayer, devotion, remembering her mantras, cheerfulness and meditation.

For tarot perspective it's interesting to notice this Lion warrior goddess as Arcana no 8 is positioned exactly below Magician only other Major Arcana with infinity symbol red roses & white dress similar to Magician & above horned figure Arcana 15? she is slaying according to India text as to say in order to attain higher goals you need to rise above temptation first as in the Shakta tradition of Hinduism, many of the stories about obstacles and battles have been considered as metaphors for the divine and demonic within each human being, with
liberation being the state of self-understanding whereby a virtuous nature and society emerging victorious over the vicious.

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mafdet

[3] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menhit
[4] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pakhet
[5] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sekhmet
[6] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tefnut 

[7] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sphinx
[8] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inanna
[9] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ishtar
[10] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dharma



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9. The Hermit

By Geoxena


In solitude, an inner journey is taken, which can only be done alone. The Hermit's naked reflection emerges from the shadows into the light; truths are revealed. Through observing the self without judging, one gains clarity, insight, and enlightenment. Self-reflection leads to self-knowledge and freedom from the tyranny of self-limiting beliefs, expectations, stagnant thought patterns, and mechanical behaviors that no longer serve. Informed choice becomes possible. The Hermit's quest may be painful and lonely at times, but also joyful. Acknowledge your gifts as well as mistakes. Embrace the opportunity for introspection that solitude brings.


Artist's Statement: This image is based on an idea I've had for the Hermit card for several years, in which he or she would be totally absorbed by their own reflection - not out of vanity, but as representation of the quest for self-knowledge. For this card, I wanted to show that self-contemplation and the seeking self-knowledge is a very inward journey. So, rather than showing him wandering the countryside, I placed the Hermit indoors in a small chamber tucked away in a large stone abbey, perhaps on a retreat in a monastery. On the desk is an open journal with a writing utensil – another indication of the inner work with which the Hermit is engaged – and purple moonlight illuminates the room from the window, the moon being another symbol of one's inner life. Notice also that, despite being fully dressed in front of the mirror, the Hermit's reflection is naked – representing revelations coming to the fore. I deliberately tried to depict someone androgynous so people of any gender orientation could relate to it. I enjoyed creating this card and seeing my idea develop into something tangible. I especially enjoyed drawing the stonework. It was always a surprise to see how each rock would turn out. I used Prismacolor colored pencils on Arches Hot Pressed Watercolor Paper, 300 g/m (140 lb.) weight.





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10. The Wheel of Fortune

By Stephanelli


When the spinner works at their wheel, care is taken is control every aspect of the yarn they are creating.  They adjust the wheel to suit the yarn they are creating and to easily work with the fibres that they are spinning.  Some yarns are easy and made with very little adjustments.  Some yarns are harder and more aspects must be controlled.


In many ways we can be seen as the spinner of the yarn that represents our life.  We try to control what happens and when it happens.  We strive for living the best life possible.  All this is represented by the wheel in this card.


What we don't take into account however is that this is Fortune's Wheel.  Although we can tempt it go one way or the other, sometimes forces beyond our control turn the wheel for us and things are sent flying out into a different direction.  Some call this force the 'hand of god', some go for 'fate', some go for 'luck' and maybe it was simply some unseen fairies playing a secret game of their own with you.  Whatever turns your personal Wheel, we must accept the changes it brings into our lives.  These unseen forces are represented by the coloured fairies in this card. Each fairy is coloured to represent a tarot suite - green for Earth, blue for Water, yellow for Air and Red for fire.


The Wheel of Fortune represents a time when we must follow the adventure that life gives to us.  Perhaps it hard to see where we are going and we may not understand why this has happened to us at this time, but a guiding force is behind it all.


Sometimes we are allowed to spin the Wheel of Fortune our-self.  We take a chance on the variety of futures that might be available to us at this time.  This can be liberating yet also scary and we may end up in a place we don't want to visit.  But we might end up somewhere so much better!  That is the chance we take when we spin the Wheel!




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11. Justice

By Zedekiel


Justice is depicted with many symbols of humanity. The tears and the smiles, the flesh and the bones, the animalistic side too. We see through Justice to their heart, the truth of it all. Justice is a balancer of forces, energies, opinions, emotions, and meanings. It sees how grey can wash over the blacks and whites of morality. It values punishment and mercy, action and defense, the strong and the gentle, equally. It accepts the sexual as a part of human nature, and understands the limits that this world provides us. Justice is our humanity laid bear.


Justice takes its basic meaning from our justice system. But did humans create Justice or has it been here all along? To stand for Justice means to open up all that is inside. Whether interpersonally or during a trial, Justice is enacted once we see and know the humans involved. From the emotions, to the experiences, the relationships, the physical conditions, the mental state - real Justice is an enactor of the truth of this all. The truth of the human condition, unbiased and balanced. Justice holds transparently every bit of our humanity and airs it for us all to see.


These were the thoughts that went into this card. Balancing above and below, seen through the clouds and the garden, and all in between. How the striped bars in the background are not exactly black and white. Justice is chained, but not immobile. The chains are very real, but painted pink. Sometimes Justice can be silly in its depiction of the (even painful) truth. Sometimes all we can do is laugh at our suffering, why we are here, what is stopping us. True Justice must balance the red and the blue energies, the masculine and the feminine, the duality of all, and hold it of equal importance. Justice acknowledges the balance that the Tarot points to frequently: that of the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. It is a carrier and displayer of all that is human.




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12. The Hanged One

By JulianneVictoria


Inspired by the art of the Sámi shamanic drums and Nordic mythology, in the Hanged One card we see the experience of initiation, where one must shift one’s perspective and journey deep within, removing oneself from the mundane and suspending physical desires and the mind’s distractions. The inner journey can be both painful and ecstatic, yet it opens up one’s vision, unlocks spiritual wisdom, and releases one from what truly binds them.


The Hanged One indicates: Letting go; Stepping away to gain a fresh or different perspective; Spending time in meditation; Self-reflection; Sacrifice; An ending.




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13. Death

By Gregory


Death is a part of life. It’s inevitable. An ending - sure - but life goes on around it, and even that ending leads to a change, a beginning - even if that beginning is becoming part of the cat that eats you, or becoming soil for trees to grow in. Embrace the ending and the change it brings.



Cat drawn by me, background from photos of my own.




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14. Temperance

By MoonCoach


In this interpretation we do not see an 'Angel' in the usual form as found traditionally in Temperance - because this Divine Presence is really a Frequency. The Radiant 'Guardian' Angel (Solar Angel) has a form but it is more precisely experienced as Sound and Colour! Receiving this card in a reading is an invitation to collaborate with your Holy Guardian Angel in some healing capacity thru an Artistic medium that most resonates for you: Drawing, painting, writing, singing, dancing, drumming are just a few options. The idea is to align your everyday Consciousness with your Higher Self in order to flow the Divine Creative Energy thru your hands, your feet, your body, your mind, your heart. Through this attunement between your Divine Self and your Human Self, an Alchemical healing can occur. Temperance, Key 14 is portrayed as an Alchemical process. It shows how we create conscious change, and manifesting from one form to another. The requirement is simply that of aligning your Human will with that of the Divine Will, so a type of humble surrender to one's Higher Consciousness coupled with Faith & Trust in that Power, will get you thru the process of transformation that you are about to embark. Are you ready to raise your frequency and vibration to the next higher level?


Key words: 

Art, moderation, alchemical transmutation, blending of energies, equilibration of opposing forces, synthesis, probation/trial as in being tested or tempered, balance of elements, healing, Holy Guardian Angel, Higher Self.


Long Description:

Temperance, Key 14 is portrayed as an Alchemical process. It shows how we create conscious change within ourselves, as well as manifesting from one form to another in a tangible way. It represents the idea that Vibrations go thru many layers of experience, and thru experimenting with different 'vibes' we can achieve a shift in Consciousness.  Traditionally, we see an Angel in this card, but in my interpretation this Angel is implied, and is experienced directly thru attuning to its unique Frequency - specifically, meditative attunement to one's own Holy Guardian Angel - thru sound, color and Intention. This card invites you to connect with and form an energetic link, with your Holy Guardian Angel (the Solar Angel) thru experimentation with any of the many 'Art' mediums you are most drawn to. Perhaps you can try drawing or painting, collecting and creating a collage with dried flowers, writing a poem or a short novel, composing a musical song, or allowing your body to move in rhythm with music thru dance, or whatever suits you. This is not about being an Artist in the traditional way, but giving yourself permission to blend, fuse, separate, combine and create Art that comes from your own Soul - as an expression of your Spirit, coming from direct contact with your Higher Self (or Holy Guardian Angel).


The idea behind the Temperance card is that you engage in a PROCESS of Alchemical transformation. An alternate name for this Key is 'ART' (as in the Thoth Tarot deck). Ask yourself: What do Artists feel? Then allowing yourself the freedom to explore this question, play with an amorphous 'form' that you imagine in your Mind's Eye - what is it? What can it possibly be? Or how can you play with it, mold it, imagine it, to BECOME? Work with the process in which you have an unclear mental concept or vague idea...but as you work with your medium of choice, non-judgmentally surrender yourself totally to the process of allowing the 'thing' to unfold, to gestate, to shapeshift and finally to take the ultimate Form it was meant to take. This applies to writing a song or musical composition, or to painting or drawing a piece of art, or to designing the interior of a house or office. The process itself is Alchemical, and it CHANGES YOU, the one 'doing' the process, or rather THROUGH which the process occurs, and in so going thru this, One's Higher Light radiates into whatever is taking Form. I equate this to the Genius with which we are all born, and this IS the Holy Guardian Angel (Solar Angel), which is ultimately YOU in highest Vibrational reality. So, whatever we produce, IS Art...an Alchemical Transformation of our own Consciousness thru the Act of changing ourselves. WE are the very 'thing' that is being tempered into Perfect Radiance thru this process. 


Within the very title 'Temperance' we find it's ultimate meaning: Temper:

"Old English temprian 'bring something into the required condition by mixing it with something else', from Latin temperare 'mingle, restrain'. Sense development was probably influenced by Old French temprer 'to temper, moderate'. The noun originally denoted a proportionate mixture of elements or qualities, also the combination of the four bodily humors, believed in medieval times to be the basis of temperament." (Online Etymology).  So, whether we call this card Temperance or Art, we are speaking of working with Elements held within ourSelves, and consciously applying artistic skills to change ourSelves. From an Esoteric perspective, we are being 'tested' and put thru the Alchemical Fires at the hands of our own Higher Self, in order to fuse our 'lower self' with our 'higher self' and become Whole. This is not necessarily an 'easy' card to contend with, because we must release the old, the heavy, the lead of our egoic consciousness - and that can be a painful process. But having brought our inner 'elements' into balance, ultimately we are positioned to shine our greatest Light as we step out renewed and resplendent.


Astrologically, Temperance is associated with the 9th sign, Sagittarius. This implies a spiritual quest that is undertaken enthusiastically. This word come from the Greek 'enthos' which means 'to be possessed by a god'). In Ancient times, the Romans and the Greeks celebrated a child's birth by recognizing he or she was born with a tutelary spirit called the Genius (for male infants) or Juno (for female babies) who would remain with that child thru their entire life. It is from this that we get 'guardian angel' so we are indeed 'possessed by a god' since these tutelary spirits or angels are Divine in origin. Enthusiasm is a key component of this Astrological archetype, and it is therefore transferred to Temperance. 


Symbols found in this image:

The chalices in gold (Spirit/Solar) and silver (Soul/Lunar) which combine together to create something new. 

The mist in the background represents the amorphous field of everything and nothing - or the implicate order from which all that is, arises.

The music represents both vibration AND the ultimate end result.

The rainbow is all vibrations and frequencies, as well as representative of ALL LIGHT

The red/gold circular field is the Vibrational Frequency of the Holy Guardian Angel (each of ours is unique to ourselves).

The golden sparks and the golden radiance emanating from the Holy Guardian Angel is the Energy we hold within ourselves and the material with which we create and recreate ourselves and all that we wish to manifest.

The swirls in the background are all the thoughts, feelings, desires, wishes, dreams, as well as all our emotions both positive & negative, that are to be transmuted and resolved within the alchemical cauldron of Self.

The entire image is the very process of alchemical transmutation and initiation.




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15. The Devil

By Geoxena


Beneath a banner that reads "Hell" in Japanese, we see a person in torment.  The Devil card represents circumstances in which one feels trapped, lost, empty, or powerless due to outside forces.  Despite the suffering this situation brings, there is also dependency and fear of breaking free.  This card signifies loss of control - you have strayed far from your true self.  It is time to exercise self-awareness and throw off the chains.  It can also be a warning not to follow the wrong path.  The Devil (temptation) may never go away, but it is within your power to move forward and leave the nightmare behind.

Artist's Statement:
In a way, this card created itself as I experimented with it.  In thinking of what the Devil card represents, I kept in mind the torture that drug addicts go through in trying to get clean, and remembered nightmares I had as a child when I was taught about Hell.  My goal was to make an uncluttered digital collage that expressed those kinds of fears and torment, and which would avoid closely mimicking the RWS version.  

First, I came across the image of a Japanese hanging scroll from the mid-17th century, inscribed with the characters for "Hell" in brushwork by Seigan Sōi, the Abbot of Daitokuji Temple in Kyoto.  I manipulated the image and positioned it as a sort of floating title over a black background.  I then searched for images of devils and Satan, and was thrilled to find this red and black fragment of a destroyed stained glass window from the French Cathedral of Saint-Étienne in Bourges, created circa 1200–1215.  I added a motion blur to it.  I then took a picture under a dark blanket of someone close to me who made faces while holding a headlamp with its red bulb option under their chin - so I didn't have to adjust the red values very much at all!  The resulting image was then distorted and contrast increased.  Then came the chain image, which I placed at the bottom.  The card was coming together and, to me, is reminiscent of a '70s horror movie poster.  Finally, I added an image of flames, blurred it and reduced the opacity to create an unreal feeling - is the person really burning up or is it a nightmare?  I hope I achieved what I set out to do.

Created using GIMP 2.10.18 and 
paint net 4.2.10.  Both the French devil's head and Japanese calligraphy images come from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and were dedicated to the public domain under license CC0 1.0 Universal.  The chain image was taken by Achim Scholty in Berlin, 2018 and the flame image was taken by Myriam Zilles in Belgium, 2017 - both from Pixabay and free for commercial use.




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16. The Tower

By LoveLightPeace


The Tower can represent situations that leave you feeling like the rug has been pulled out from under your feet. These situations are shocking, unexpected and in many cases, what happens is completely beyond your control (losing your job, a car accident, a natural disaster,etc...).  


Despite that, the Tower isn't all bad! It can also represent a completely unexpected marriage proposal that changes everything, or a mind blowing orgasm that positively impacts your sex life in ways that you never imagined.  


Although it can wreak havoc, the tower tends to be a blessing in disguise in the long run.




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17. The Star

By Havutar


The Star is a card of hope, healing, renewal, contentment, flowing creativity and guidance. The star itself resembles a compass star, or the North Star that once showed people the way - representing how the Star helps you navigate away from a difficult situation and towards healing and better times. The figure in the card wades in water of intuition, but underneath the surface their feet are firmly on the ground, the conscious and the practical. They are nude, open to the guidance of the universe and the spiritual, their inner light radiating and creativity flowing from them, unbound.




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18. The Moon

By MoonCoach


Key Words:
Intuition. Dreams. Illusions. Initiation. Cycles. Lunar Moonth. Gestation. Form. Subconscious symbols.
The Moon is a Vessel, a container within which all imagined dreams exist in potential. The Moon is most associated with the Divine Feminine, as the Cosmic Womb in which Life gestates, and from which Life is birthed into different forms on Earth. As such, when we work with the Moon, we are invoking the energy of the Divine Dreamer in its expression as the Goddess, as Divine Mother. We can gestate and birth not just human babies, but also books, furniture, houses, works of art; whatever you can dream, with the Moon you work with her Cycles in order to bring your Intention/Dream/Goal into fruition. Consciously attuning with Luna's rhythms and applying lunar astrology energies to your question or concern, can yield profound a new understanding of ancient secrets revealed to you by direct communion with the Moon - the deeper you are willing to go within the folds of her Wisdom, the more you are capable of freeing your creative energy, and with that, truly live life organically and magically. 
I designed my Moon card with this in mind...the Uterus of the Female body is the very container within which Life gestates, so I used this as the symbol of the Moon Goddess. Within the Uterus, we find 6 Full Moons on each side (12 total as the 'eggs' within the ovaries) - representing all potential Dreams that await possible birthing within the Soli-Lunar Year. And we see the 13th Full Moon ready to be birthed, on the edge of the birth canal, having spent its Time developing within the Cosmic Womb. We normally have 13 lunar moonths within 1 solar year - each of these has its own unique archetypal energy, based on the quality and vibes of the zodiacal sign in which the New Moons occur. From the 1st Lunar Moonth at the Aries New Moon (March/April), thru to the final Lunar Moonth of the 12 Celestial~Archetypes, Pisces (February/March), we journey thru the Creational Field of Consciousness, dreaming with Luna (and Sol as as the principle of the Seed itself) until we are ready to birth our Moon-Dreams on Earth.
Traditionally, what we actually see in the RWS Moon card is an Eclipse - the Moon eclipsing the Sun - symbolizing that our 'night vision' whether for good or ill - can block out the Light of our higher understanding. Sometimes though the Solar Light can be blinding, and therefore we need the soft-filtering of our Moon-sight - our Intuition - to better 'see' what we are ready to perceive. The cycle of the Moon - what we call the lunar phases - is in reality a dance between the Moon and Sun, representing the Yin/Feminine Creational Energy as Vessel, and the Yang/Masculine Creational Energy as Seed...and in their Sacred Dance of Union and Separation or the movement from Unity to Polarity, they create the 3rd player - being Earth, who is both the Creation as well as the witness of the Relationship between the Moon & Sun. We, Humans, experience the phases of this symbolic relationship in our own lives on Earth - everything is a Reflection, a Mirror - for us to continue evolving.
In the card I designed, the fulfilled Moon-Dreams I mentioned are represented by the 2 floating bubbles...one with a seahorse and the other with a turtle. These were 'birthed' by the Cosmic Womb in prior cycles, and each has its own vibrational signature, its own unique gift to bring to the World of Form, and each offers us its own energetic Medicine. The bubbles are a combination of the the Moon itself, the lustre of Pearls, and golden 'nets' woven from the fabric of the Flower of Life that is a central figure over the Cosmic Womb itself. Respectfully to *Indigenous* traditions across the Americas, this also has the appearance of a "Dream-Catcher" or of the "Ojo de Dios" (God's Eye) which in my card is symbolic of the Great Spirit's ability to hold us safely as we process our Dreams (ever so vulnerable in their beginnings) within the Sacred Space Its own Beingness, until the Time comes for these Dreams to be released into the World. 
The background image is a photograph I took of the ocean in Sarasota, Florida, as the Sun was setting, creating these magickal orange/golden orbs in the clear blue sky. The solar disc and these orbs looked like an Angel, casting its reflection over the waves of the sea. When I placed it behind the Uterus image, it all clicked: The Angel of our Soli-Lunar Self came into view, revealing the Divine Beauty of our Lunar/Feminine/Soul and our Solar/Masculine/Spirit, made manifest through our Earthly beinginess. I believe, as a result of my Sacred Work with the Moon, Sun and Earth, that we are always 'overshadowed' by a Divine Presence, as is shown in the way I depict in my version of the Moon card. 
Paul Foster Case, the founder of Builders of the Adytum, says of The Moon/Qoph in The Book of Tokens: "My presence is the cause of every form, and to those who have eyes to see, wherever a man may plant his foot is holy ground." I believe that this single line from the Meditation on Qoph, pulls in the idea that the Divine is hidden or veiled within 'form' whether that is a Human Being, a Plant, a House or a Fish. Here we understand the Esoteric implication behind the idea that the Moon card symbolizes 'illusion' and that 'all is not as it would appear' so we always need to consider that Spirit, symbolized by The Sun, is the Divine Light behind all outward appearances and 3D forms (as the Moon). And this is why, I believe, there is a hidden meaning behind the way the Moon is 'eclipsing' the Sun in traditional depictions, as well as why She comes before the Sun in the Tarot sequence. In the end, we can say that The Moon represents our ability to discern the difference between what is 'real' and what is 'apparent' using our Inner Vision, and thereby make an intuitively arrived at conscious choice regarding our Path in Life.
The Moon invites you into the safe embrace of the Divine Mother, to nurture you and to fertilize your dreams. In the soft Lunar light, under the cloak of Night, you can perceive that which might otherwise elude you during the feverish activities of the Solar day. Pay attention to your Dreamtime - work with it to access information tucked away in your Subconsciousness using the symbolic language of your Soul. Consider working with the Lunar Cycle to bring your desires into Form, keeping in mind that you'll need to gestate these as workable goals for one or more lunar moonths before actually birthing them into your Earthly experience.
Reversed or Unconscious Application:
You may be blocking your Intuitive abilities so allow yourself to disconnect from external activities, and instead go within to work with your unprocessed emotions. Alternately, perhaps you are feeling 'too much' and need a break; perhaps you are an Empath and need to find tools & processes to help you embrace this Gift in a healthy manner.
*I attune to the rhythms of my Soul, trusting that I am always held within the safe embrace of the Divine Mother. 
*I gracefully flow thru Life, giving birth to dreams that are inspired by Spirit.
*I Am the Dream of the Mother/Father, birthed onto Earth, fully embodying Divinity within my Beingness.
Esoteric Associations:
*Hebrew Letter - QOPH - meaning 'back of the head' (related to the 'Radiant Darkness' behind the 1st Sephirah, Kether/Crown).
*The Corporeal Intelligence (Consciousness of the Body).
*29th Path on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life ("This path forms every body which is formed in all the worlds, and is the reproduction of them.").
*Astrological sign correspondence - Pisces, the final of the 12.
*Element: Water (Emotions and Emotional Body).
**NOTE: Hand-crafting items via 'weaving' yarn, leather or sinew, with focused energy upon an Intention, is a Sacred activity that exists cross-culturally across the entire Earth. Everything from protecting children's dreams via the Dreamcatcher of the Ojibwe, or to pray for the well-being of loved ones as with the God's Eye from Central American & Catholic tradition, or Middle-Eastern hand-woven rugs, or Norwegian woven sweaters, or one's Grandma knitting a scarf - all are to be honored as special processes in which the Crafter is connecting Soul, Spirit and Body, with the Intention of bringing something Beautiful & Sacred from the Innermost Self to the external in the finished product, which will be used by the child or adult for whom it is being created. My use of this cross-cultural symbol, honors ALL tribes on Life's Sacred Wheel (Brown, Black, White, Yellow) within the basic foundational Symbol: The Mandala (upon which the Astrological Chart is created).
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19. The Sun

By Starlight


The sun is the source of life on our planet; without it we would not last long. The sun in this card is shining kindly on our endeavours so they will come to fruition. This is a midday sun and there are no shadows on the ground because the sun is at its highest point in the sky and is at its strongest, and anything that was hidden will be brought to light at last. This is a time of feeling free and happy and full of optimism and enthusiasm. Things are going well and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Far away on the horizon there is a rainbow. The passing shower has left a pool of water near the children’s feet, which they can happily splash about in. The storm is over and there is nothing but blue sky and warm sunshine above.


The Sun Upright


This card was inspired by Jimmy Cliff’s version of “I Can See Clearly Now” from the film, Cool Runnings, based on the story of the Jamaican Bobsled team that took part in the 1988 Winter Olympics. While the film portrays a fictional story, it shows the strength of the human spirit in overcoming the odds. That is what you have done: overcome the odds. You are now on the other side of the mountain where warm weather and green pastures await you.


This Sun says that everything is better now. You are surrounded by warmth, positivity, radiance and everything is going to be ok. You can let go of any burdens or fears; all that is behind you. Things are looking up! Relax and unwind and breathe deeply. Look for the new and the good. It’s all waiting for you!


Wherever you focus your energies now is going to lead to success. You cannot go wrong. You are in a good place to bring your plans and ideas into play. Perhaps you even feel that sense of radiance and vitality within you right now. Trust it and set in motion the things you want to create. There has never been a better time!


Whatever difficulties you faced in the past have made you stronger. You know who you are and those obstacles you faced and overcome have tempered you. The beautiful rainbow is created only when sunlight shines through raindrops, and those raindrops are behind you now. See the beauty of your being. Revel in it. Believe it. This is a wonderful time for friendships and love interests. People are attracted to your bright energy, your sunny smile, and your joy. Enjoy those relationships that make you feel bigger and stronger.


This is a time to bask in all that is good, and there is so much good around you now. Let go, just for the time being, of anything that keeps you small or holds you back, be it your thoughts, or prior commitments made in a time of stress, or relationships that no longer serve you. This is the time to focus only on the brightest and best things in your life. Laugh. Play. Be free.


They say that fortune favours the bold. Now is the time to blaze brightly and live!


The Sun Reversed


How do you feel when you look at the two children holding hands and playing on the warm beach? Examine those feelings. In this reversed position, the Sun says that perhaps you have trouble believing in the good in your life. Perhaps you are unable to let go of the pain of the past. Perhaps you cannot see a path forward. The Sun advises you to seek whatever help you need that will allow you to heal and emerge and grow.


Remember that too much of a good thing can be detrimental, as well. Too much sun without any rain will lead to drought and desert and famine. Be mindful of your activities and projects and how you are spending your energy. Living life to the full requires you to take care of your physical health. Make sure you don’t burn the candle at both ends. Take good care of yourself on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Make sure that your plans and ideas have solid foundations and not just “positive vibes” attached to them. Put good systems in place to help you achieve your goals.


Are the people you surround yourself with a good influence? Do they have your wellbeing at heart? Or are they just out for a good time at your expense? It is a good time, the Sun says, to make changes in your life that help lift you up into a more secure, bright, positive sphere. You are so worth it.




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20. Judgment

By Joy


Sleep is death’s little brother. At the break of dawn the rooster crows and people wake up from their night dreams. Shake off your nightmares; take only the beautiful dreams into your day.


The rooster asks you to stop judging yourself; forgive yourself, leave the past behind and move on. If you are truly able to forgive yourself you will be free to go forward. It is a calling; you have to decide if you want to take action.


Reversed: is there anything unhealthy going on that you do not want to let go of?




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21. The Universe

By Delta


Physical description:
Woman in the centre is floating and dancing, wrapped up in a swirl of the universe being created as she dances. Her hair, growing as she's moving, is covered in stars, and seems to expand more and more. She's holding both the Sun and the Moon. A background of stars far away are her past creations. In the corners we see constellations of Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus and Leo, as well as elemental symbols for air, water, earth and fire. She's wearing a symbol of Pentagram, a five pointed star symbolising unity of 4 elements and the spirit. Lemniscate above her head symbolises infinity and endless possibilities.

Meaning: The Universe is on your side. You are free to be as you wish. There's presence of feminine and masculine. All four elements are present, earth, water, air and fire, united. Expansion of the mind. Spiritual wisdom. Connection with the Universe. Deep peace. Mind and body intelligence. Creativity and beauty. Beautiful, serene dreams. Development of crown chakra.

Reverse: Too much of floating too high, one needs grounding and mental rest.

Keywords: Creation, creativity, freedom, movement, expression, expansion
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Ace of Fire

By Geoxena


The Ace of Fire represents that moment when the spark of inspiration sets the wheels in motion. It says, "Go for it!" whether it is an exciting new business or romantic relationship, taking a new direction in one's life, or a wildly innovative approach to something. It stands for the blazing courage of leaping into the unknown toward creating and making things happen. This card is about initiating action, movement, and manifesting one's ideas and dreams into reality. The cartwheeling figure on the card is colored with a rainbow to represent the spectrum of human creativity and the wide range of possibilities.


Artist's Statement:

While pondering how to depict the beginning of taking action, I kept thinking about cartwheels. There is something joyful and freeing about turning a cartwheel, but also a little exciting and scary when you are in the air and not sure how you will land. I thought a cartwheel could be an excellent metaphor for that initial moment when your creative urges actually take flight and become real. The yellow and orange-red glow around the figure symbolizes not only "fire," but also that hot, burning energy that pushes one forward into a new direction. This artwork was made entirely with GIMP, using various images that are free for commercial use, which I then manipulated a great deal. I had fun making this card.





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Two of Fire

By Grandma


The Two of Fire is dynamic, dramatic and pragmatic in varying proportions as appropriate.  He is a confident leader who knows when to conform and when to innovate, when to forge a new path and when to walk an established track.  My vision is an older man, still vital and unique.  He has been there, done that, and is ready to capably do it all again.  And if he is not called to lead another journey, that’s also good.


At the bottom of the card are two paths, each of which is sure to fork, and each fork sure to diverge again.  Each journey requires multiple careful choices.  Each choice carries the burden of responsibility for those who follow.


The top left is a memory of the Two of Fire as a young man starting out with his royal garb and his globe of the world, fresh, confident, untested.  This is the RWS depiction. But what happens to this young leader?  Do all journeys begin and end during youth or are leaders called upon throughout life?  Some travels never end.  Some stop and resume.  New challenges require new strategies.  At any stage of life one can be called upon to choose a path on which to guide oneself and others.  A leader may assume this role periodically or a new leader may emerge at any age.


The top right is a possible future.  He will be a leader as long as he is needed, even when he is an old man trudging through the snow.  


The main figure represents where our Two of Fire is at this particular time.  I added a flurry of leaves because it is the autumn of his life, because they are a reference "two roads diverged in a yellow wood" and because I love the way they look.


In the top center of the card two roads diverge again.  The sun rises.  My Two of Fire knows no better than the rest of us what the day will bring. Meanwhile he deservedly rests.



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