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Getting mobile view despite being on PC

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1 hour ago, Little Fang said:

They definitely can be, yes!

I don't recall if you said you tried different themes, sorry if I'm forgetting, but do check the main TT&M theme and report back ❤️ 

Yes, that was one of the first things I tried.
Just tried the main theme again. Nope:


54 minutes ago, gregory said:

Actually Katrinka - you could try creating a new profile in PaleMoon. I forget how one does that but you never know....




ALSO - have you tried it in safe mode - I forget ? I fear it may be something to do with you, as it really is fine on mine. 

Safe mode, yes, I tried that early on, too, IIRC.
I'll look into the new profile thing. 

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