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What was your biggest challenge when you started reading tarot?

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I remembered feeling scared for my first reading of other people. I was afraid that I would be inaccurate.

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My biggest challenge is question phrasing. Before I had just been sticking to yes / no questions, but after reading further and remembering what I've learned from others, it's best to leave the questions open ended. So when I'm struggling with something such as whether or not I should leave my job and pursue a new career or move to a new state, it's finding the right way to phrase those questions so I can get the necessary guidance I'm seeking. It gets tricky because there's so many different aspects that go into all major decisions, so I wind up asking so many different questions, almost repeating myself at times.


I'm also having a bit of a tough go at times reading the cards. I feel I could benefit from an actual tarot book because I really don't like having to pull up my phone to google a card each time it comes up. I know eventually with practice, I'll be able to know the meaning of the card just on sight.

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like Reborn, it was how to form and phrase questions. Not have them be multipart ramblers but specific, and I find using spreads most helpful. And no yes/no questions, there are magic 8 balls for that.  General readings for me are like trying to sort out porridge. But then that is the fun of tarot to me, the journey is long not abrupt and hey you're here time to get out. 

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