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The Stretch Tarot

The Stretch Tarot

Created by: Joseph Stretch
Publication year: 2016
Deck size: 7 x 12 cm
Printed on: 300gsm (smooth) card stock.
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Buy where: https://www.stretchtarot.com/

The Stretch Tarot was created by Joseph Stretch in 2016. Featuring collage artwork and vintage imagery altered using a wide variety of methods and mediums, its unique style is designed to help both new and experienced readers see the cards from a fresh perspective, illuminating traditional meanings in a new light.


Following the conventional structure of the tarot, teachings and symbolism from the masters are brought together in a new aesthetic which is at once fresh and familiar. ‘The Stretch Tarot’ includes the full cast of tarot archetypes in a complete set of 78 cards, with a fully illustrated Major and Minor Arcana. Both artistic and practical, the deck is intended to aid in interpretation, enabling you to explore, celebrate, understand and foresee the details of our human experience.


 In response to feedback, ‘The Stretch Tarot’ evolved into a diverse deck, working to including people of colour and remove the traditional boundaries of gender, specifically in the court cards. Despite their ‘vintage’ appearance, the cards are designed to combine the old and new in a way that reflects the modern reader and our current world. The tarot has endured for centuries due to its ability to adapt to circumstance and context; ‘The Stretch Tarot’ is no exception to this.

"The Stretch Tarot - Relaunch" was the second printing of the deck, a successful Kickstarter campaign.


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