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Found 9 results

  1. @Joan Marie from Cult of Tarot has just launched a new Lenormand on Kickstarter called 'The Friar's Delight'. I enjoyed the little video she made for it. The music, the medieval-ness (is that a word?!?! LOL) really caught my eye I hope it succeeds! The Friar's Delight Lenormand Kickstarter All the cards are viewable on her site: Friar's Delights Lenormand gallery I love the card backs too! Maybe it's lame, but the card backs are pretty important to me And these look so cool!
  2. Painterspoon

    Aurum Lenormand

    Hi everyone, I think (hope) it is okay to post this here... I just wanted to let you know about a collaborative Lenormand deck I completed with my teenage son. It's called the Aurum Lenormand. Together, we made a set of black and white illustrations, then added ink work. Finally (because "aurum" means "gold") we added gold detailing that will be printed as gold foil on the cards. It was a very special experience to be able to share a creative project with my talented son. I am super excited about this deck. I set the Kickstarter really low so it has been funded at this point, and now I'm hoping to work towards a couple of stretch goals. I've set the pledge levels really low, so I think the deck with magnetic closure box, 80-page little white book, and gold foil details and edges are a good deal. The deck contains an additional "Person" card for those who want a gender non-conforming option, which I thought was important. When I generate enough revenue from this deck to cover the costs of printing, I will be sending proceeds from the sale of the decks to the Marfan Foundation. My friend Amy is currently in hospital in an extended stay to monitor all of her complex, Marfan Syndrome-related issues. The child card in this deck is Amy's son Emmet. He had a 50/50 chance of being born with the disorder, and as it turns out, he too has Marfan Syndrome and has already had multiple life-saving surgeries. It is my hope to be able to pay it forward to this little understood set of connective tissue disorders, and I hope to be able to do that with this deck. Thank you so much for taking a look, and for your backing consideration. ~Melissa xx
  3. I am gobsmacked that this gorgeous, Medieval-inspired Lenormand has not been mentioned around here. It is show-stopping, it is incredibly affordable, and I hope it succeeds. (I backed it.) Here is a link to the Kickstarter, which ends in 10 days: All the cards can be viewed here: https://rabbitsmoontarot.com/tarot_cards/friars-delight-lenormand/ And this is the Promote Yourself thread:
  4. stephanelli

    Mystical Lenormand

    From the album: Lenormand Decks

    Mystical Lenormand Author: Regula Elizabeth Fiechter Artist: Urban Trösch Card Size: 5.7cm x 8.9cm No. of Cards: 36 ISBN: 978-3-03819-043-1 Publisher: AGM Urania Purchase at Amazon.com
  5. Venus Rising

    The Golden Light Lenormand On Kickstarter

    Found this lovely Lenormand deck on Kickstarter. The images are beautiful. The Golden Light on Kickstarter You can see all the cards on her website: See the cards on the Golden Light official website Shipping is quite dear, but to be expected coming from Australia.
  6. bookshop

    Alternate Realities Lenormand

    From the album: Lenormand Decks

    Alternate Realities Lenormand Creator: Jae Larson Year/Publisher: 2005 / self Availability: Artist's website
  7. DownUnderNZer

    World News- Monthly Readings

    AUSTRALIA Oracle 48 July 2019. With this month it looks like I need to use intuition and what comes first to mind with letters and numbers to see what comes up. For example, a car accident July the 16th or Tax talks July the 10th. Will be back later to do this and see what is visualised or not. What can be mentioned is something is on the verge of being disclosed whether official or legal and high up like as high as the Prime Minister, executive level, and it is on the clock which means: 24 hours to 4 weeks. Important messages are in play. LENORMAND 34+21+26+25+19 So, glancing over the cards....trade, shipping, tax, contracts, audits, government and/or official agendas. However, there are blocks with trade and shipping (international) and information that has not been revealed yet. Contracts or agreements that are official or connected to the government, education, or health. Could even be about real estate or small businesses to midsize.
  8. DownUnderNZer

    World Event Weekly/Monthly Readings.

    "World Event Monthly Readings" - Lenormand & Oracle 48 Never thought of predictive readings as predictive readings nor what is seen in the cards for the near future or future as predictive or even fortune telling. Just what you see is what you get, but nothing is set in stone. Was never wired that way or taught to think that way either. But this year I have been testing predictive more and more to see what happens or not and something on here got me thinking ... Thought it might be time to try something I haven't really done before although I did cover Trump for a tiny wee while there back on AT and everything panned out except maybe two things. However, those two things (even other things) did come up even if they never amounted to anything in the way of being concrete. Tabloid scrutiny and media frenzy yet some things were never proven - not that I know. I'm sure I saw his term as President being cut short, but to date he is still standing so that did not unfold although his 4 years is not quite up yet either. However, if he was going to be out I am sure he'd be out by now. Anyhow, I think I am going to do general monthly readings for World Events to see what happens or not. If my younger sister can dream of disasters or a family being in a house fire - I am sure I can come up with things just as eventful only hopefully not so terrifying or as dramatic. It will be an interesting challenge. Started it for this weekend on (June 22nd) - weekly readings for one month as a trial run first. DND
  9. ashwsh

    Which Card Denotes Time?

    Hi, I have been trying to learn timing with Lenormand. Am a bit confused on the attached one. The question asked was, when will my mother visit me? Should I consider the bear or the ship? If Bear it will be 13 weeks or 13months or if ship, I'm certainly not seeing her in 3 weeks so most probably 3months Suggestions please
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