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modern oracle

Define Psychic.

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Hi Friends,

I have been involved in a few discussions lately about what exactly it means to be psychic.. turns out it is a difficult term to define. 

I know for some, being psychic is something to be proud of and utilized at all times. For others being psychic sparks fear because of personal conditioning or religious beliefs. And for some it is a term avoided all together, no matter what their ability, in order to dodge criticism and ridicule in the modern materialistic world.

I am interested to know your thoughts on how you personally define the word PSYCHIC


Many thanks 🙂

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I think opinions, religion and judgement have nothing to do with the term at all.  It is the reactions towards it you seem to bring up.


Maybe it is just not written in a way  that I'm understanding what you are trying to convey.


There is no mystery to what the word Psychic means at all. It is just the ability to see, hear or pick up things without tools (E.g  Tarot/Oracle) by feeling, seeing and/or hearing etc. Eg Clairvoyance/Clairsentient.


That's it really.






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I tend to agree with @DownUnderNZer here. The word psychic usually refer to the clair  senses. Some say there are 5 clairs, other mention 8. This is an excellent source for reading up on the definition: 8 Clair senses (pdf)

And it’s what I have in mind when i use the term ‘psychic’, as I recognize my own abilities in those that are described. During my life I have experienced 6 or 7 of those clairs mentioned. Calling myself psychic has still not been an easy process, mainly because of my own shadow feelings regarding psychic hotlines and certain public figures/tv shows. It helped tremendously that others recognized these abilities in me and called them for what they were. That made me more comfortable to step out of the psychic closet, so to speak 😊

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I’d agree that the word psychic has already been defined, in a vocabulary sense.


I’d agree with you, @modern oracle, that the vocabulary definition isn’t widely known or used, when we speak of the broader population.


Instead, being psychic or psychic abilities themselves, are looked upon according to the person looking at it; and those whom are going by the vocabulary definition and/or personal experience of the phenomenas, are just added to that mixture of opinions on what it is.


I’m not saying that it’s right, just that it’s ”how the world works” with stuff like this. 


I’d imagine that on this forum, there’s bound to be a lot more people whom actually know the vocabulary term and have studied about the phenomena or even have first-hand experience what it means, than a group of randomly selected people would have.


Personally, I’d think that psychic abilities have to do with (involuntary or voluntary) channeling through a few parts of the phenomena dimension, channels that can transport intel on and knowledge about that which cannot be easily known to us otherwise. 


But in the end, to me, those whom are experiencing psychic phenomena have each to make their own definitions, and have the right of way to do so. 


This is because, vocabulary term or not, it’s not exactly a woodworking tool or a shirt we’re talking about...


Instead, it’s about something that the dictionary (or us humans, mainly) cannot capture more than a fraction of.


So, of course (to me,) those with actual experience are better equipped to know what it is.

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