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Yes/No And Timing, What do You Abide By?

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t\Two things I don't believe there are any standing rules for. I've decided over the years, to decide what I believe and stand by it with consistency, then I have guidelines for my readings. 


If the card action faces left, it is the past, action faces right, happening in the future. Dead on, timing not knowable.


I haven't see any fun in doing yes no questions, purely my own years of experience, but I just did an experiment based on years of card knowledge and was surprised at how well yes no was shown to me.

Based on recent questions, I figured why not use the same questions allowing me no bias.

Am I alive? 6 of Coins. Yes. I can grasp give and take, plenty and lack. If not alive I wouldn't have that ability.

Am I woman? King of Coins. Yes. I am anything and everything. Gender is always a choice. 

Am I 35? Moon. Yes. I am all ages and any ages and ageless. As is the  moon. 


Once again, I am in awe, at what can be pulled from the cards if I chose to accept them

I thank them for today's lesson. 


What are your consistants you rely on? 

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