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Sola Busca Meanings And Interpretations


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A collection of meanings and interpretations Sola Busca Tarot


It is not easy to find different meanings and interpretations for the Sola Busca cards on the internet. I made a collection from various sources (Mentioned below).


Various meanings and interpretations Sola Busca cards Triumphs, Majors, Court Cards, Minors and numbered cards.


Major Arcana – Triumph cards



a. 0: strangeness, infantilism, holiday, detachment from worries, madness.

b. 0. MATO: upright: Foolishness. reversed: Insanity.

c. 0. The Fool (Mato): It doesn't matter if you are misunderstood, as long as you are true to yourself.

There is a holy innocence within each of us. Strive to keep it pure.



a. I: astuteness, diplomacy, ability in all areas, autonomy, spirit of initiative.

b. I. PANFILIO: upright: Grace, Dignity. Painters. reversed: Small-mindedness, snobbery.

c. I. The Magician (Panfilio): Well- equippped in earthly tools and spiritual confidence, the

Magician strides forth to accomplish his will. You have the powers to manifest whatever you




a. II: study, comprehension, charity, intuition.

b. II. POSTUMIO: upright: Military or physical prowess. reversed: Loss due to betrayal.

c. II. The High Priestess (Postumio): Trust your intuition and take you own counsel. You hold

within you the gathered wisdom of all our ancestors. Do not disappoint them.



a. III: intelligence, sensitiveness, fertility, dialogue.

b. III. LENPIO: upright: Arrogance. Hubris. reversed: Narrow-mindedness. Ineptitude.

c. III. The Empress (Lenpio): Wisely use the gifts of the earth. Receive the gratitude of those whose

lives you have touched with tyour kindness. Give birth to beauty.



a. IIII: authority, will, protection.

b. IIII. MARIO: upright: Versatility. Adaptability. reversed: Indecision, uncertainty. Waffling.

c. IIII. The Emperor (Mario): Power can be used for good, not for its own attainment. Consider how

you protect and support the well-being of others. Do not be a bully or a tyrant.



a. V: clemency, pity, faith, relief, patience, tolerance.

b. V. CATULO: upright: Poetic words. reversed: Political ravings.

c. V. The Hierophant (Catulo): Religion has moral justice as its foundation, the laws that guide

human behavior and spiritual righteousness. Examine your faith. Question authority,

respectfully and with an open mind.



a. VI: love, ties, choice, examination, attempt.

b. VI. SESTO: upright: Rape, violence, murder. reversed: Dynasty. Posterity.

c. VI. The lovers (Sesto): making a choice removes possibilities, just as marriage limits lovers to

their union, forsaking all others. And yet, that limitation may give the greatest bliss. Commit

to your passion.



a. VII: success, recognized merit, evolution.

b. VII. DEOTAURO: upright: Victory through might. reversed: Historical obscurity.

c. VII The Chariot (Deo Tauro): Victory and public aclaim are assured. The only thing that can

prevent your succes now is hesitation on your part. You must drive your own chariot into

battle and back again.



a. VIII: equilibrium, harmony, justice, natural law.

b. VIII. NERONE: upright: Malicious neglect. reversed: Mistreatment of the weak.

c. VIII. Justice (Nerone): Divine justice or karma will inevitably come to those who are seperated

from heart and lacking in basic human compassion.



a. VIIII: wisdom, meditation, loneliness, prudence.

b. VIIII. FALCO: upright: Epic heroicism. reversed: Things lost, now found.

c. VIIII. The Hermit (Falco): Withdraw from the world to get a clearer perspective. Society, politics,

interpersonal difficulties, news both trivial and tragic – the soul needs some space from it all.



a. X: improvement, favourable but unstable phase.

b. X. VENTURIO: upright: Incomparable skill. reversed: Art for the love of art.

C. X. Fortune (Venturio): things are out of your control at the moment. If you can't see a positive

way forward. Wit a while. The cycles of luck always turn toward more favorable vistas.



a. XI: energy, work, moral strength, courage.

b. XI. TULIO: upright: A skillful defender. reversed: A secondary life.

c. XI. Strength (Tulio): Use your strength to increase your merit and usefulness in society. Wisely

applying your natural gifts will lead to esteem among your peers and acclaim from future




a. XII: idealism, sacrifice, regret, punishment.

b. XII. CARBONE: upright: Flight. Running away. reversed: Capture. Facing the music.

c. XII. The hanged man (Carbone): A fall awaits you if you do not alter your present path. You may

have a pattern of denying you are at fault. Listen to hard truths from people you trust, before

it is too late.



a. XIII: rapid change, impediment, misfortunes.

b. XIII. CATONE: upright: Tradition. Morals. reversed: Censorship.

c. XIII Death (Catone): All life is finite. Work now to leave the world a better place than you found

it. What ever our eartly might, from dust we came and to dust we shall return.



a. XIIII: moderation, recovery, adaptation.

b. XIIII. BACHO: upright: Shifting alliances. reversed: Side-jumping.

c. XIIII. Temperance (Bocho): In challeging times finding a comprimise and making peace with it is

sometimes the best solution. The choices you make contribute to our soul's well-being.



a. XV: magnetism, sensuality, magic, perversion, agitations, hate.

b. XV. METELO: upright: Internal struggles. Fighting between friendly parties. reversed: Fealty.

c. XV. The Devil (Metelo): The exaltation of earthly pursuits can bring ruin. What are you bondage

to? What demonic energies do you serve? What powe holds you in thrall? Break free and




a. XVI: arrogance, pride, catastrophe, chaos.

b. XVI. OLIVO: upright: Parenthood. reversed: Disastrous relationships.

c. The Tower (Olivo): An unexpected change is coming that will reshuffle the circumstances of your life. Prepare by gathering recources and gathering your own courage.




a. XVII: favourable omens, new ideas, peace.

b. XVII. IPEO: upright: Jack of All Trades. One who can provide himself with anything he needs.

reversed: One who knows how to best use the talents of others. A maven.

c. XVII. The Star (Ipeo): Contemplating the wondrous magnitude of the cosmos puts things in

perspective. In communion with the celestial and the sacred, we understand our place

under heaven.



a. XVIII: visions, adventures, illusions, strange meetings, trips.

b. XVIII. LENTULO: upright: Genuine apologies. reversed: Repeated transgressions.

c. XVIII. The Moon (Lentulo): Intuition in combination with study is symbolized by the lamp of

knowledge the man is contemplating. Circumstances may wax and wane, but the seeking

spirit is eternal.



a. XVIIII: friendship, harmony, honour, joy, love.

b. XVIIII. SABINO: upright: Extreme actions taken in response to an extreme circumstance.

reversed: Failure to take advantage of honor or reputation fairly won.

c. XVIIII. The Sun (Sabino): Strong and sure in character, yet open to the lessons of divine

teachings, the mortal goes forth in glory. Wealth, health, happiness, spiritual fulfillment,

and all good things are yours. Open you heart to receive them.



a. XX: renewal, birth, energies recovery, conscience examination.

b. XX. NENBROTO: upright: Tyranny. Jealous rulers. reversed: Innocence lost

c. XX. Judgment (Nenbroto): something has been judged as an error, maybe even an abomination.

Divine powers now act to destroy it. It's time to set your affairs in order. Make it your goal to

have a guilt-free heart.



a. XXI: completion of an enterprise, full result, promotion, reward, inheritance.

b. XXI. NABUCHODENASOR: upright: Construction. Landscaping. Design.

reversed: Apostasy. Turning away from God.

c. XXI. The World (nabuchodenasor): The powers of darkness have been defeated, and wholeness

has been archieved. You can safely rest now and contemplate your earthly journey.

Meanings and interpretations court cards and minors.


Suit of Cups/ Amphorae



a. Business or law man, favourable. Readiness to converse, generosity.

b. Upright: One who supports the arts. reversed: An individual who craves media.



a. Woman friend, wife or faithful fiancee. Romanticism, sensuality.

b. Upright: An inventive or creative woman. An artist. reversed: Tolerance. Acceptance of the ideas of others



a. Young lover, intimate friend. Amusements, relaxations, holidays

b. upright: The desire to create. A man with a strong work ethic. reversed: Creative block. Inability to work.



a. love messenger, newness. Jealousy, excessive attachment.

b. upright: A creative or artistic youth. reversed: Delusions. Inappropriate introspection.


10: affliction, pain, sadness, exhaustion.

TEN: upright: Creative success. Completion of desires. reversed: Materialism. Greed.


9: failure, loss, wellgrounded fear.

NINE: upright: A Svengali or Basilisk. A muse. reversed: One who leads by charisma


8: bad news, crisis, fatality, treason.

EIGHT: upright: Recreation; fun. reversed: Wasted time; disarray. Neglect.


7: hope, confidence, attempt, reveries.

SEVEN: upright: Physical or material perfection. Artistic ideals. Aesthetics. reversed: Narcissism; undue pride. Vanity.


6: trip, displacement, planning, holiday.

SIX: upright: Beginner's luck. Achievement in the face of unlikely odds. reversed: Hubris. Disaster.


5: degradation, loss. Lost hopes.

FIVE: upright: Plagiarism. Fake performances. reversed: Cacophony. Difficulty concentrating.


4: vigilance, retreat, loneliness, meditation.

FOUR: upright: Artistic preparations. Gathering ideas. reversed: Spendthrift behavior. Foolish waste of effort.


3: absence, loss, confusion.

THREE: upright: Obfuscation. Unnecessary abstraction. Inconvenience. reversed: Being hushed or told to keep quiet.


2: tenderness, equilibrium, favourable ambient.

TWO: upright: Artistic partnership. Constructive social relationships. reversed: Codependency.


ACE: triumph, exhalation of strength, conquest. Creation, conception.

ACE: upright: Artistic expression; the desire to create. Maker spirit. Creative Genius. reversed: Depression. Intoxication. Numbness.


Suit of Wands / Batons



a. Good relations with a mature man, council to follow, austerity.

b. Upright: A patron of education. A mentor, teacher, or professor. reversed: A corrupt individual. Suppression of knowledge or truth.



a. Friendship with a mature, confiding woman. Search of a durable relation.

b. Upright: An intellectual or academic woman. reversed: A shrew; a harpy. A woman who browbeats men.



a. An enterprising, fiery man. Departure, emigration, separation.

b. Upright: Chivalry. An attractive male. reversed: Chauvenism. An arrogant male.



a. Young friend. Messenger. New cooperations and new ideas. Little rivalries.

b. Upright: A youth of serious or intellectual nature. A young seeker. reversed: Journalists, paparazzi. Unwanted attention.


10: earnings, favourable placement.

TEN: upright: Academic achievement or accolades. Completion of intellectual or professional goals. reversed: Recognition lost. Obscurity.


9: prudence, discernment, realization.

NINE: upright: The unknowable; the other. reversed: An understanding of the other. Sexual comfortability.


8: manual and commercial ability.

EIGHT: upright: Renewal of interest. reversed: Wine colored glasses.


7: recovery, exchange, beginning of business.

SEVEN: upright: Social or Professional Grace. Humility of Thought. reversed: Asceticism. Fasting. Excessive self-deprecation.


6: gifts, rewards, bonus.

SIX: upright: Incomplete understanding. Foolishness. Sophomoricism. reversed: Humor as a learning tool. Teaching by example.


5: obstacles, financial difficulties.

FIVE: upright: Confusion, disarray. Absent-mindedness. reversed: Charmed endeavors. Serendipity.


4: small gift, delay, uncertainties.

FOUR: upright: Focus, determination. Attitude adjustment. reversed: Bizarre behavior. Emotional vertigo.


3: celebrity, support of powerful persons.

THREE: upright: Cognitive problems; mental difficulty; academic failure. Opportunities lost. reversed: Mental scaffolding; academic structures. Epistimology.


2: embarrassing news, difficulties, agitation.

TWO: upright: Intellectual partnership; assistance. reversed: Stupidity; crude behavior; mental crutches.


ACE: big commercial success, happiness, earnings, intelligence for business.

ACE: upright: Curiosity; the desire to learn. reversed: Complacency. Self-satisfaction.


Suit of Coins / Pentacles



a. Well disposed speculator. Economic power, ability to forecast.

b. Upright: One who has attained financial peace and certitude. Completion of monetary goals. reversed: One who pays for peace. Mirages and false hopes



a. Severe but generous woman. Economic security, freedom

b. Upright: A woman of shrewd financial ability. A commercially or financially brilliant woman. reversed: A selfish or greedy woman. A golddigger.



a. Useful, obliging, strange person. Propitious occasions

b. Upright: Financial salvation. Money that produces itself. reversed: Overhead, expense, bills.



a. Study, reflection, news brought by a child.

b. Upright: A wealthy youth, or one whose mind is on financial matters. reversed: Gambling, or wasting time on foolish pursuits. Unnecessary risk.


10: happiness, rest, recognition.

TEN: upright: Financial preparedness. Savings. reversed: Commercial or professional timidity..


9: victory, prosperity, satisfaction.

NINE: upright: Money or advantage taken from others. Careers built on the backs of workers. reversed: The beginnings of financial freedom.


8: moderation, festivities, love.

EIGHT: upright: Financial desert. Funds tied up. reversed: Treasure waiting to be found.


7: reveries, improbable projects.

SEVEN: upright: Financial success. The beginnings of wealth. reversed: A nest egg.


6: selfanalysis, renewal, happy future.

SIX: upright: Craftsmanship. Skill. reversed: Hard Labor. Loss of recognition.


5: inheritance, patrimony to protect.

FIVE: upright: Financial security. Professional or commercial robustness. reversed: Sleeping on the job. Inattention to detail.


4: disgust, aversions, troublesome relations.

FOUR: upright: Financial hardship. reversed: Unexpected assistance


3: relief, recovery, happy conclusion.

THREE: upright: Financial responsibility. Working for a living. reversed: Inheritance. Old Money.


2: love, passion, friendship, affinity.

TWO: upright: Commercial partnership. Financial cooperation. reversed: Taxes, or what is due to the authorities.


ACE: happiness, abundance, positive change. Sentimental satisfaction. Birth.

ACE: upright: The beginning of a financial endeavor. Success obtained through service and perserverance. reversed: Passivity. Being pulled along by fate or the will of others.


Suit of Swords



a. Magistrate, power, authority, legal actions, difficulties, bad intentions, perversion.

b. upright: One who cannot be interfered with physically. reversed: One who believes himself invincible.



a. Widowhood, sadness, separation. Malice, misfortune.

b. upright: A strong, physically dominating woman. reversed: A woman who turns to violence to solve her problems.



a. Ability, courage, hot temperament, anger, imprudence.

b. upright: One who lives by the sword. reversed: One who brings disaster upon himself.



a. Espionage, secrecy, vigilance, attention, difficult preparation.

b. upright: A passionate youth. reversed: A violent youth


10: uncertainties, oppressions, over-active.

TEN: upright: Violent deeds. reversed: Shame.


9: strength in adversities. Calamities, obstacles.

NINE: upright: Working together toward a common goal. reversed: Apprenticeship.


8: creative tension, hopes, self-analysis.

EIGHT: upright: Treachery by others. Someone wants your lunch. reversed: Paranoia.


7: success, completion of the enterprise.

SEVEN: upright: Balance. reversed: Rationalized violence.


6: failure, insurmountable obstacles, unfairness.

SIX: upright: Organizational confusion. Unpreparedness. reversed: Courage, bravery. Standing up for what you believe in.


5: overcoming of obstacles, contradictions.

FIVE: upright: Organization. Readiness. reversed: Threat of violence.


4: unexpected occasion, small reward.

FOUR: upright: Restraint of physical passions. reversed: Death of passion.


3: initiative, end of adversities.

THREE: upright: Passionate conflict. Disruption in matters fo the heart. reversed: Romantic security. Unconditional love.


2: suffering, illness, sadness.

TWO: upright: Standing up for someone. Helping out a friend in need. reversed: Abandonment. Lack of support.


ACE: creation, invention, beginning of a difficult enterprise. Beginning of discussions.

ACE: upright: The beginnings of physical strength. reversed: The beginnings of violence.



Meanings and interpretations are from:


b. Queen of Tarot site

c. Lo Scarabeo Museum Q Sola Busca Book

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11 minutes ago, Saturn Celeste said:

@Lucifall this is an outstanding list, thank you so much for doing this!  And you included your sources—great job!  I’ll be using this resource myself!  :bubble_bthumbsup:

Thanks Saturn Celeste! 


I have the SB for 3 weeks now (lo Scarabeo, the museum kit) and became an addict..

Since i did receive the Sola Busca i did not have had a look on my RWS anymore..  That never happened before. 


I loved to do it and will use it myself also 🙂 


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I own this deck, because I like the historical story attached to its creation, and find it very interesting to look at, but up to now I have never used it. It's not the RWS system at all, and I never bothered with trying to work with it.  However, after reading this thread, I think I will give it a try.

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