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Deck of The Weeek: Sign-up Thread: Week 148 : May 9 - May 15

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6 hours ago, TheFeeLion said:

I've been following along with this thread when I saw you using the Herbcrafters deck @Raggydoll. The deck looks lovely, and I'm enjoying seeing how it works for you 😊


Do I spy a kiwi on that other deck? 😮 It's beak is a bit short but I'm pretty sure that's a kiwi! They're my national bird 😁

Thank you! 💗 And yes it is a kiwi! There are quite a few birds in this deck that I haven’t seen in other decks. 

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Cards for today! 


(Don’t they look gorgeous together?!)







I feel like this card is the perfect reminder that every season can provide us with what we need. Where I live, we have been experiencing cold winds and it’s like we are back in early spring again. But the cold and dark seasons are perfect for connecting with rocks and mountains. So that’s what I’ve been doing. And I do feel like there will soon be time to ‘emerge with the light’ - especially given the other card I drew. It felt as a continuation on this one:




The Hermit is by birth card and so it is fair to say that I don’t suffer in the dark winters or that I struggle with solitude. And it’s the same for my family, in that we will chose the forest over a busy playground. 


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5 hours ago, VGimlet said:

That really is a great combination you used this week Raggydoll.   

The El Goliath was a great deck, going on the more later list for sure.    Even though the cards were a bit big for me, it was well worth it.  


14 hours ago, Bodhiseed said:

Such a great pairing - thanks for all the photos, @Raggydoll!

Thank you!


Here is today’s cards:




Their core theme being:


“A spiritual revelation is at hand”

”Find the light in the dark”


I do think these decks complement each other and give a richer meaning. The herbcrafters is mostly reflecting what’s happening and the bird oracle is saying why or what to do next. 

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The Tarot de St.Croix is becoming one of my favorites. It is one of a kind, modern and still in conversation with spiritual/esoteric/religious imagery.

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