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Saturn Celeste
August 26, 2018, 02:51:16 PM by Saturn Celeste
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Sorry for all caps but I'm hoping it catches attention.  I have some great students (3) that need mentors.  If anyone has a little time to spend one on one with a student who really wants to learn, please sign up here!  It's really easy, you just need 20 posts to be a mentor and you frequent the forum often.  I'm here to answer any questions you all might have!!/

Post on this thread too for questions and sign ups.
August 07, 2018, 04:32:22 PM by Jewel
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Tarot of the Hidden Realm
By Jewel

The Tarot of the Hidden Realm by Julia Jeffrey was published by Llewellyn in 2013 as a deck and book set.  As someone who has a deep love of Faerie and elemental correspondences I could not resist adding this deck to my collection.

Ms. Jeffrey’s artwork is breathtaking and brings us up close and personal with the archetypal energies radiating from the denizens of the Hidden Realm.  The purpose? To ensure that we get the full experience of the archetype and the intimacy of the moment they are living. Ms. Jeffrey’s ability to convey meaning within the face is what makes this deck different from many other Faerie themed Tarot decks.  The Hidden Realm remains hidden and the characters on the cards are the doorways into the world of Faerie. Equal attention was given to the Major and Minor Arcana, creating a very artistically balanced deck.  The overall deck is very cohesive and full of...
The Sibyl
August 02, 2018, 07:28:54 PM by The Sibyl
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This is my latest video-tutorial / rambling! Here I will explain what are my cheating red-flags as well as my tips and tricks to deal with this topic that is a matter of concern for many! Enjoy it!

Lovers & haters are most welcome! Leave your comments!
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