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Inaccurate readings


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11 hours ago, marinaoracles said:


This is what happens when people mix New Age-ness with cartomancy, lol. You don't need a ritual every time you read the cards, UNLESS you feel that ritual is actually helpful to YOU. Cleansing the air with sage just because someone said so makes no difference. To read card you need a deck and enough "mental centredness" to be able to focus on what you want to know. Everything else is upholstery and can be swept aside if it gets in the way.


A clean surface also helps, but only because you may not want get your cards dirty.



I think you are way too nervous. First of all, you are not responsible for people making their choices - a reading offers information, it doesn't create people's lives for them. Of course, you want to offer something accurate, but what are the chances of you relaxing and trusting the process enough to actually be accurate if you are freaking out over all decisions people might make based on your reading? Relax, take it one step at a time. Do readings here in the Newbie circle - nobody is going to change their lives over a reading done there, it's a BEGINNER'S place, meant for practice and everyone is aware of that.


Study the cards so that you are able to grasp what they hint at from looking at the image, because that's how you develop your reading skills - practising, studying, taking note, doing readings, and, more importante, MAKING MISTAKES. Mistakes are normal. Mistakes are a sign that you are trying to learn. Don't worry about them, everyone does shitty readings, even experienced cartomancers have bad days. Don't be afraid of mistakes, know that they are the proof that you are learning something new. 😉


Seriously, take it easy. This forum IS the place to experiment, so you are in the right place. 


Thank you for that, it helps a lot 🙂


I did sign up to the newbies circle this month. It was fun, although quite a basic read. Probably a good place to start though. The person I paired with said I did a pretty good job though so that's nice 😁. I just find it difficult seeing so many people giving different interpretations of readings in the personal readings section. But I'll try not to worry too much!!

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