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    Michael - Tifereth


    Michael - Tifereth:





    The archangel Michael means "Who is like God?", and is an angel of protection.

    His main task is to protect against and do battle with demons and fallen angels.

    Michael as a signpost, points toward God and what is utmost good.

    He is a reminder to focus on ones highest ideals.

    Michael is associated with the Sefirot Tifereth and the Sun.


    Michael is mentioned a few times in the Bible, he defeats Lucifer in the war in heaven,

    and also confronts him on other occasions like over the body of Moses,

    and helping a messenger angel reach Daniel, it is speculated that the messenger angel was Gabriel.

    Michael is often said to be working closely with both Gabriel and Raphael,

    but also most other angels, as he is the leader of the angels,

    and hence he is connected to all the other Sefirot and their angels except Malkhuth.


    The Koran also mentions Michael in relation to him being on the side of God.


    The main focus in Tifereth is light, and Micheal is trying to teach us to get in contact with it.

    The path of Death we took from Netzach is an ending of darkness,

    a new start of divine will and the light that follows it.


    Once we get in contact with Tifereth and the light that flows from it,

    we will know what our task on earth is, Gods plan for us is hidden there.

    Michaels message for us is therefore infused with massive meaning.

    The meaning of our life!


    To have a meaning of course means having an opposite, and hence a battle to fight.

    Just like Michael we must confront evil, and try to mitigate it where it is found.

    When Michael has shown us the way, we will know what battles are ours.




    The Sefirot of Tifereth is all about victories, just like the sixes in Tarot.

    There are four elements that we can get victories from, and each of them have their own take.

    These victories are generally achievable, but there seem to be a limit.

    During the course of our movement through the Sefirot, and meeting the other angels,

    it will become clear that some of the elements are handled well yet others not so much.

    It seems that one of the biggest stumbling blocks to reach heaven

    is that one element will be lacking, creating 3 sixes or 666.

    The sign of man, the sign of mortality and the bar that keeps us out of heaven.


    If we remember the prophet Elijah, there was a problem with water since Baal had corrupted it.

    God won the contest, but it is clear that water still had issues.

    Later in the story, Elijah shows that he has mastered water regardless,

    as he part the water in the river Jordan right before he leaves earth for heaven.

    Meaning that he had to show himself worthy by conquering even the element

    that was under evils spell, this is something everyone have to face to get to heaven.

    Yet Tifereth is not the time for it, as Michael is firmly focused on the light,

    and is opposed to the evil that has taken a hold of the earth, hence why he has no connection there.


    spacer.png    spacer.png


    Since Michaels domain in Tifereth is connected to all the other Sefirot except Malkhuth.

    One is not restricted much in ones next destination.

    However if one wants to move upward, there are less destinations to choose from.


    There is the path to Geburah through Justice card:




    There is the path to Binah through the Lovers card:




    There is the path to Kether through the High priestess card:




    There is the path to Chokmah through the Emperor card:




    And there is the path to Chesed through the Hermit card:



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