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Deck of The Week: Sign-up Thread: Week 253 : May 14 - May 20


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This thread is for those who would like to work through their collection of decks.  Each week we will be picking a deck (or decks) to work with for the week.


All are welcome. Please join us!      The only rules we have are the Tarot Tea & Me rules; be respectful to each other.    


You can drop in and out anytime,   time and real life permitting.   New to tarot?  Long time reader?   Come on in.  


1. Please post with your chosen deck for the week. 


2. Chat away about your deck, how you're finding it etc., or not - it's all up to you.  




1. vgimlet - Wild Unknown Tarot

2. Bodhiseed -  New Era Elements

3. Anomaly Tempest - Game of Thrones Tarot

4. sweeneyish - Trionfi della Luna and the Flemish/Bacchus Vanderborre Tarot de Marseille

5. euripides - Druidcraft Tarot and possibly the digital Wildwood

6. Wyrdkiss - Forest of Enchantment

7. vulprix - Wild Unknown

8. fire cat pickles -  Dali deck

9. Rachelcat - Lynd Ward Tarot

10. toj - Oriens Animal Tarot and the Empathic Oracle

11. Page of Ghosts - Tarot of Vampyres and the Paulina Tarot

12. Amberjune - Motherpeace and the Mantra Healing Cards




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I'm in this week with the Game of Thrones Tarot. I was using this deck when I kind of faded off a couple of years ago so it seems kind of fitting to use it now that I'm getting back in the swing of things. I was getting some pretty awesome readings from it back then.

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1 hour ago, Bodhiseed said:

I'm in with the New Era Elements paired with the Tao Oracle beginning on Sunday. Will miss a few days due to an upcoming surgery and hospital stay.

Thank you VG!

All the best with your surgery! 


Fun decks so far! The Trionfi della Luna and I continue to bond, so it will be my main deck again this week, but in the spirit of deck of the week I'll also throw in a couple readings with the Flemish/Bacchus Vanderborre Tarot de Marseille, which I have not gotten to read with yet. Another fun week! 

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I'm here with the Druidcraft this week. I'm following a more formal or at least deliberate Druid path. It's such a beautiful deck with interesting personalities.  It's very binary gendered - the OBOD interpretation of Druid lore is big on the lord/lady dichotomy, so I have to try not to be frustrated by that. I may also supplement readings with the digital Wildwood.

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Thanks for the welcome. It's a lovely idea and a nice way to share our reading experience. Like being around a cafe table together with our favorite decks. Adding best wishest to Bodhiseed, too. Hope all goes well.

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This morning I did a draw (majors only) for the week ahead using the Vandenborre Tarot. It’s such a curious deck. Lots of character in these cards. 




XX Judgement: Look at those happy folks at the bottom of the card! I like that they are surrounded by beautiful, green foliage. They look up at the sky, where another happy

looking angel gazes straight at the reader.

For me, this card points to enlightenment and awakening. And the message is: keep my eye on the prize, and help those around me to find ultimate happiness as well. 


III The Empress: She also looks straight ahead at the reader. She holds a shield and a sceptre - the sceptre is held loosely. She looks very relaxed and content. The Empress seems connected strongly to the angel in this spread. This is getting really dharma geeky and I won’t go into detail, but the Empress reminds me of Tara, a female Buddha, in the tradition I practice in. The angel can represent the dharmakaya Buddha. So we have the more ethereal representation in Judgement, and the more embodied representation in the second card.


XXII The Fool: One of the curious oddities

of this deck. Instead of being labelled as 0 (or no number at all), the Fool is 22 of the Major Arcana, and he is facing left instead of right. In this spread, the Fool walks towards the fertile and loving Empress and the ultimate enlightenment of Judgement. So he walks backwards, looking to the past, towards the wisdom he already knows. So the advice I take here is to remember the essential teachings on these subjects that I already know, instead of trying to learn something new, and embody those teachings this week.


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Good luck with your surgery @Bodhiseed !


I'm in with both the Tarot of Vampyres and the Paulina Tarot this week. Spring is properly here so I feel like working with something fairy-like, but in my heart it's always vampire season so they'll stay for a while.


I forgot to answer you in time @sweeneyish but I do make tarot bags for myself, mostly for decks that come in those big box-sets where they don't have a nice little tuck box of their own.


Today I finally ordered my copy of the Trionfi Della Luna Illustrated Pips Edition! So expensive to ship it to Europe but it will be worth it 😈

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I just did a simple single card draw today.




This is so appropriate. I got a call last night from my SO that our dog was having difficulty urinating and when he finally went there was blood. He was taken to the vet this morning who called me with questions. I've been out of town for 6 weeks so I can't really answer those questions. The vet always calls me even though Barry always takes out dog there himself. Barry is at work so I am waiting for him to have a chance to talk with the vet and then call me back. Waiting, waiting, waiting.


In other news, I did get an distressed ink pad to color this deck. I did it last night and this morning, having assumed they would be dry after like 12 hours I shuffled with them and and got ink on my hands. The same thing is still happening with the OSHO I colored last week with an orange crayola marker. There are videos where people are using such things but if the ink keeps staining my hands I will have to stick to sharpies. my Tarot of Vampyres,, done with a black sharpie is not having this problem. In fact I could use those in like half an hour. I guess the weirdness in my body chemistry that kills watch batteries also sucks non-permanent ink off things. 🤣

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So sorry about your bad experience with the ink pad @AnomalyTempest ! The sharpie might be better overall for you then, but beware it might leave stains on the front and back of the cards which is why I don't usually use alcohol markers myself. It works fine if there is a similar colour there already, like on the Tarot of Vampyres where the edges (borders?) around both sides of the card is very dark if not outright black. My Tarot of the Vampyres does stain my hands after the second coat but I only use it at home so I figure I just wash my hands afterwards and eventually it will stop 😅

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Hmm, it wouldn't let me edit my post. Here's my thoughts on my spread.


I'm reflecting on my spiritual journey and the path I'm taking.

The first pair: My courage/My Fears. This card often represents my partner, but they don't share my esoteric interests, and I'm not sure that this is about them. The prince of pents calls for a 'practical, patient and methodical approach', and tends to be about the material; What does this mean in terms of 'courage'? I think perhaps that I am physically brave (well, not as much as I'd like to be) but the Hermit puts this material world in contrast with the spiritual. The hermit suggests a "call to retreat - an inner voice trying to make itself heard' and this is something I've always drawn back from. The Druidcraft text says that "every night as we fall asleep, we journey to the Otherworld, and when our physical body dies, we make that journey also'; and suddenly my insomnia makes sense.


The second pair: life and death, what to embrace, what to let go. The seven of swords has a combination of intellect and mystery. The image sits a little at odds with the Druidcraft text, but perhaps this furrowed brow is the result of 'new ideas challenging old assumptions'. Scholarship around paganism and druidry has progressed so far in recent years, and this means a willingness to let go of the old and gain a fresh understanding - to be a beginner again, despite the grey hair! The eight of swords that follows suggests that I'm not as stuck as I've imagined myself to be.  My beliefs are mine to change.


Celebrate and contemplate: Cernunnos, Justice. That's a heavy duty duo, isn't it. Cernunnos in this deck takes the place of the Devil. A complex of ideas here, with the familiar lesson of "teaches us how to live in the material world without being trapped by glamour and illusion" but the Druidcraft emphasizes the sense of nature, abundance, and life force. "The call to awaken to responsibility" - I've always liked the quote from Razor's Edge that it's 'easy to be a holy man on top of a mountain'. That is, you need to engage with the world.

Justice: decision making. The moment of the present 'balanced between past and future'. The book talks about this card as the center of the initiate's journey through the Major arcana, which is quite interesting. 'to act correctly ... we need to know how to weight up these two forces...'  - and refers back to the objectivity of the Hermit. I'll have to think about this one further, though.



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Thank you @Page of Ghosts and @VGimlet for the good thoughts!❤️


@AnomalyTempest, I love the look of woodcut images on those cards!

@euripides, That first row of cards for your spiritual path reminds me of myself when I committed to Buddhism. I wanted the fast track, so I went out and bought Buddha statues, beads, etc. I guess I wanted to be enlightened and wise by yesterday.😂 I finally realized that daily practice - the slow, but steady method of the Knight of Pentacles - was the only way.


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This week I'll be using the New Era Elements Tarot, created by Eleonore Pieper and published by U.S. Games. I'll also be using the Tao Oracle, created by Ma Deva Padma and published by St. Martin's Press. Today's draws are Nine of Water (Cups) and Hexagram Seven:


Pieper describes dolphins as creatures that move through their environment with ease, engaging with it in a playful manner. They are a reminder that chasing happiness doesn't work; we only find it when we let each moment unfold without trying to cling to it, shove it away, or hide from it. Our relationship with it is one of openness and curiosity rather than possessiveness, anger or indifference. Hexagram 7 is often called discipline, and involves being able to do what is just and beneficial rather than be pulled by one's emotions. Self-discipline won't pop up fully formed when chaos or challenges appear, however. Rather than allowing the mind to be swayed by outer circumstances, we practice staying open to what is, relating to it with compassion and kindness. 

I think self-discipline is like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it gets.
~Daniel Goldstein
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Greetings all.  I'm bouncing in today with a quick pull.


Visions equates wands in the deck I believe, I need to ensure and jot down in my notes to recall one facet of reading this deck.


This indicates inner wisdom, contemplation,  a pause.

Under water submersion is a motif in many decks, and the correspondence to the unconscious in the Thoth especially relates to me.

The waters of inner self, baptism, the Sea of Binah in the Kabbalah, Persephone  -- it's all good work to be reminded of.  I need to simmer on some

life challenges, and take a pause.

This card is beautiful to me. The entire deck, although leaning cartoonish at times, really works well overall.

Tarot-Keeper VIsions.jpg

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