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Please Welcome Our New Exchange Moderator

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5 hours ago, joy said:

TT&M is very happy to announce that we are fully staffed now!  Please give @LoveLightPeace a warm welcome as our new exchange moderators! 


Thank you so much dear @joy:heart: I'm so happy to be a part of the team! :classic_biggrin:


5 hours ago, Joe said:


Thank you @Joe

5 hours ago, Raggydoll said:

I’m so happy to have you join us, my dear friend! ❤️

Thank you dear  @Raggydoll! :heart: I'm so happy to join all of you! :classic_biggrin:

4 hours ago, Grandma said:

What a wonderful choice for our newest moderator.  @LoveLightPeace, I know you will be a perfect addition to the stellar team of mods and admins who keep TT&M going and take care of us all.

Thank you  @Grandma, that's so very sweet of you! ❤️ That felt like a wonderful hug! :animated-smileys-hug-002:

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4 hours ago, Starlight said:

Welcome @LoveLightPeace 🙂


Thank you @Starlight! :love:

3 hours ago, Flaxen said:

Welcome @LoveLightPeace! You’ll be brilliant. :classic_smile:

Thank you so much @Flaxen! 😊

3 hours ago, KaiNO said:


Thank you @KaiNO😎

1 hour ago, Rose Lalonde said:

Great addition. And thanks for taking that on, @LoveLightPeace! 🙂 

Thank you so much @Rose Lalonde😁

42 minutes ago, Hummingbird said:

Welcome! 🤗

Thank you @Hummingbird😀

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21 hours ago, DanielJUK said:

Congrats to @LoveLightPeace thanks for all Joy does and thanks for you joining the role :thumbsup::heart:

Thank you @DanielJUK:animated-smileys-hug-002::heart:

21 hours ago, Rupicapra said:

Congratulations @LoveLightPeace, thanks for joining the team of mods who make this such an wonderful place.

Thank you @Rupicapra:love: TT&M is a wonderful place, and it's such a good team to be a part of.

20 hours ago, McFaire said:

Thank you for your work!

Thank you @McFaire:classic_smile:

20 hours ago, Arabella said:

That's for your time and effort @LoveLightPeace and to all the mods here. We need you and it's easy to forget how much we need you. ❤️❤️❤️

You're welcome @Arabella! I second your sentiments in saying thank you to the rest of the Staff here, they are wonderful! ❤️

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19 hours ago, RavenOfSummer said:

Great news! Welcome and thank you, @LoveLightPeace :heart:

:heart:Thank you @RavenOfSummer:animated-smileys-hug-002:

13 hours ago, ashjey said:

Hello there @LoveLightPeace ! 

Hi @ashjey:classic_smile:

1 hour ago, Saturn Celeste said:

YAY! @LoveLightPeace is our new moderator!  Our team is complete once again! ❤️

Thank you so much @Saturn Celeste :animated-smileys-hug-002::heart: I'm so happy to be part of such a wonderful team! :classic_biggrin:




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